MIND GAMES and BOLD MOVES! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 3

After a late night we had a little pajama party at the and we're making moves searching for another deep run.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Sleepover
3:15 Patty
3:51 Breakfast
4:20 A-hole
5:30 Chainsaw Corner
6:40 Dealership's Choice
9:08 Jesse Lonis
10:47 Dinner Break
11:50 Hand Breakdown
14:50 Multi-Tabling
17:29 Big Pot
18:30 The Move was Folding
19:10 Money Bubble
19:38 Day 3 Conclude

I'm back with another year of your preferred Vlogs, coming at you each and every day from for the entire . Videos will be submitted around 9:15 am PT. Hand Breakdowns, All Ins, , Phil Hellmuth, the bad beats, the deep runs, and hopefully another bracelet, or more!

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MIND GAMES and BOLD MOVES! – 2023 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 3

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  1. Given it the thumbs up before it’s even premiered. I absolutely love these Daniel 👌

  2. Hey Daniel, always loving your daily WSOP Vlogs! I also just bought your super insightful Masterclass, and spending more time studying in preparation for my first very WSOP tournament (wooo Colossus!) Plus I’m digging all of your cooking too, it gives me inspiration for meals!

  3. Patti is awesome. She takes care of Daniel really well, and based on her car and home, daniel pays hers incredibly well.

    1. She has a bigger house than me and when I went over there and saw she had a steam shower I said, “Hell no, I pay you too much!” and got a steam shower installed haha

    2. @@dnegspoker How did you and Patti find each other? Always intrigued by working relationships that have family values

    3. Haha @dnegspoker – I need to invest in a steam shower. Amazing!! Cheers to a great upcoming run and hope to cross paths.

  4. Every year since the start of these, THIS, is my favorite poker follow! I sweat the ups and downs every day waiting for Daniel to get the next bracelet and break the drought! Lessss Goooo DNEGS!

  5. Good to see the positive number on the cashout side so far. Keep it going!

  6. Three days in, and already I’m planning my lunch breaks around the daily vlog. Best time of the year for us degens!

  7. Last year at the WSOP I was FaceTiming my family while coming back from break and Daniel happened to appear next to me. I asked if he could say hi to my kids (who know who is from watching PokerGO with daddy) and he did a high-energy, “Hey guys! How’s it going?!”

    It made their day and mine. Thanks DNegs! Take it down!

    1. In a world for of awesome people, dnegs is always one of the best to the fans

  8. Really makes the viewer feel like we are there with you. Thanks for this Daniel. We appreciate the effort you put in to entertain and educate. Good luck the rest of the way.

    1. Really, most of his podcasts about food, back messages and online poker.

  9. Thanks for posting these. Yours is the only channel for which I watch every video. You are one of the players I someday want to meet. I plan to make the WSOP in the next couple years and hope I see you at a table.

  10. These are so great to watch!
    Good to know I’m not the only one who deals with guys going nuts with 55.

  11. Huge shoutout to Patti and your Youtube team for making things run smoothly and pumping out daily vlogs! Video editing skills are top notch and you can definitely see the improvements year to year🙌

  12. Thank you for documenting and your choice of editor was very sound. I have enjoyed every episode. Good job to all your team, I think this is your year! 🤞

  13. The key to your success is that great support system you have with those great people. Its actually really tough flying in to the WSOP completely alone with no friends and family

    1. I never expected to get a reply from either of you but I’m a long time fan. Very nice of you. btw, I just watched Day 4 of the vlog. And seeing the short clip of all the dogs at your place for the sleep over. They were like “‘cmon Patti, we want to got to the Doggie water park” Haha! Best wishes from Cincinnati.

  14. When children are 5 years old, they fever for christmas every year. Me as a 39 year old pokerfreak is waiting for these super vlogs every year. Thank you for the journey every year.

  15. I seriously look forward to this series every year. Like its on my calendar, not the WSOP but Daniels vlogs.

  16. Met you last year at the main. You are an absolute legend of the game and I’m honored to have met you. You’re winning a bracelet this year!

  17. We need more appearances of Patti. She’s awesome and so nice for what she does for you

  18. Hey Daniel big fan man just wanted to wish you well this summer! And offer condolences on the passing of Doyle I’ve been watching you and him play since I was 9 years old I’m 28 now 😅 also wanted to commend you for showing some emotion in an interview you did while back you got very emotional about how the poker community didn’t have your back your such a blessing for this game we all love. And it’s amazing how you are with your fans keep being humble brother go knights!! 🎉

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