Million Dollar Heads-Up Poker Highlights | High Stakes Duel 2022 Compilation

Phil Hellmuth, Tom , Scott Seiver, and Jason Koon headlined the High Stakes Battle action in 2022 with of dollars on the line!

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Million Dollar Heads-Up Poker Highlights | 2022 Compilation

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  1. Love the concept. It’s like watching video game final bosses fighting

  2. Seiver was so dissapointed you heard it in his voice. He just wanted to leave, replay the hand, anything. I haven’t seem him like that in a long time

  3. Jason Koon is mad dangerous the way he plays. The silence, the tilting, the ungodly power he holds by doing the very little. He’s earned his win, and many more within the future

  4. Nobody talking about how phil could have laid down the queens full? Holy cow

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