Mike Matusow Worst World Series of Poker Hand Ever!? [PLUS: INTERVIEW]

promised to refrain from doing anything crazy in the 2022 World Series of Centerpiece, however then he did THIS !?

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Worst Hand Ever!? [PLUS: INTERVIEW]

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    1. I understand where you’re coming from and I think if he’d like another 150k even it’d be an excellent bluff. But it has to go down as bad play if he miscalculated how little extra it was for his opponent to call.

  1. Stack was too small . Shame he didn’t have an extra 200k . He gets him to fold I think

  2. What a master, he’ll go down as one of the best, he didn’t get impatient remember

  3. Its not the worst bluff at all, the only problem that his stack was not enough to push his opponent of his hand, if he had like an extra 150k the guy would have folded

  4. Bold move. The only thing I didn’t like is the amount of chips he did it with. 100k more, it feels like Zawadzki may have folded.

    1. I think he snaps if it’s more chips. The fact that it’s a small raise makes it so much harder for Matusow to be bluffing

    2. @philhellmuff Yet he called. So its obvious that he called because of the small all in amount. He didn’t call the small all in because it makes it so much harder for Mike to be bluffing. That makes no sense.

  5. I like his play. The problem is the other guy doesn’t seem capable of folding two pair on a 4 card straight board.

  6. So results oriented. If his opponent folds, then the tite of this video would be completely flipped.

  7. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad? If he had 100-200k more I think it works.

  8. Has the blow off of his stack the same reason what made him give this akward interview?

  9. We’ve all made mistakes, like everyone is saying it probably would have worked with another 150-200k.

  10. Not that bad a bluff. I think if he covered villain, then villain would fold. Or if villain didn’t have a flush, then villain also folds. He just didn’t have enough fold equity.

  11. Seems like there’s something going on with him. Doesn’t feel the same like he used too, I hope he’s doing alright. Seems like he could be going through depression etc

  12. With a punt that bad he wouldn’t even make the CFL, then he just goes off rambling afterwards during the interview like his brain was absolute mush… uhhhh uhhhh, sounded like a politician.

  13. Its an amazing play because it can’t be a bluff. Its on a level most people don’t consider, especially newer school players that will call river raises in the name of pot odds even though they know they’re gonna be shown a better hand 99% of the time. If the guy folds nobody would blame him or say its a bad fold. Having said all that, I think its actually a pretty great call that A LOT of talented players would not have made.

  14. I’ve played millions of hands online and I can say with confidence that when you call river raises with a nine high flush on a paired board, you will be shown a better hand 90%+ of the time. Maybe 95%. You can fold and be printing money long term. I’m fully aware of all the reasons the guy did make the call though. Crazy spot but I actually love the balls it took to make that play.

  15. Post the whole hand instead of starting it on the turn and calling it a punt.

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