MAXIMUM GAMBLE FOR $50,000!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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MAXIMUM GAMBLE FOR $50,000!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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    1. Playing like that he Will not be for long😂 He has learned nothing😂

  1. Betting against Patrick Mahommes? The “Irresponsible financial” decisions start early in this vlog! 🙂 Hopefully the poker turns you around to winning.

  2. I Played last night and fell into bad habits trying to create action smh trying to force hands

  3. Hat’s off to you for posting, even when it’s a losing session. Some tough spots there. Amazing fold with the trip 10s.

    1. And Merch sales …. This clown has poor impulse control and gets off on bluffing people… No matter his poor image at the table .​@@DANGITTB0BBY

  4. The content is entertaining but you gotta make sure you’re having fun at the end of the day too. Love your stuff, stay focused and don’t abuse your luck brother.

  5. Ethan says “Good luck me” and crosses his fingers for a couple hundred dollar bet on the Niners money line. Then proceeds to start with $20k at the poker table. 😂

    1. I was going to say the same. The 2nd A is a good card for the villain. It reduces the combos that Rampage can have holding an A.

    2. ​@thaThRONe yea after seeing that 2nd ace in the river he was definitely calling. He saved a lot of money following his instincts

    1. Oh wait. I thought Ethan was a poker genius, which is why he was “able to move up in stakes so quickly “. He should know this. 😂😂😂

    2. @ken138  still don’t know how these dudes have so much money. I imagine they’re playing under rolled or have help.

    3. ​@uhhmike absolutely they are. I’m more or less mocking a lot of his followers who truly believe he’s a poker genius. It’s hilarious.

    4. @Ken RARELY do bad or just average players win major poker tournaments, let alone multiple tournaments. What does he have now? 1 wsop bracelet and 5 circuit rings? Maybe 6 rings? Not sure. Won that $25k high roller for around $950K. Has some massive cash game wins for half a million, a quarter million.

      Aggressive play is needed to win those. Vast majority of players don’t have that ability to win. High variance comes with the territory.

  6. “These videos are for entertainment, not education” LOL! I believe the phrase you were looking for was “twist my arm” Good luck dude, love your videos!

  7. The downswing ends when you re-invent yourself on the poker table lad. I have been watching for the better part of 2 years and I couldn’t imagine being as good as you and just running into all this well deserved success. At times you might just forget how fast you have propelled yourself to (essentially) the top of the Poker scene and stakes!!! You are clearly a prodigy, but also being a little bit fortunate as well! There is a famous quote from a man named Napoleon Hill. It goes as follows; “The harder I work the luckier I become”

  8. I enjoy watching your videos, very entertaining, my favorite are your tournament runs. Keep up the dream and your passion.

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