Matt Berkey Gets Pocket Aces on No Gamble No Future!

Life is pretty good if you discover pocket aces in a high-stakes money video game!

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Matt Berkey Gets Pocket Aces on No Gamble No Future!

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  1. i feel like that’s a tell when they say “only $2500” or “only $80” etc. always strong

    1. His 3bet size was ridiculously small too and out of position, I was shocked he didn’t make it at least $4,000. This small sizing screams KK or AA honestly, he made it kind of face up if you ask me but guy with QQ just didn’t care anyways

    2. ​@@bradleymcfarland9906surprised he didn’t go bigger but QQ can never fold anyway.

  2. On Pokerstars the first run out would be queen making a set, the second jack ten deuce, turn king, and then ace on the river.

  3. In situations like this I sometimes wonder if both of the remaining Queens came up in the burn cards and the guy never really had a chance at all.

    1. I always wonder if the other players had the outs, also meaning no chance at all. In fact sometimes in lower stakes games people will say out loud that they had the cards the underdog needs, and that to me is really irritating.

  4. Это обычный покер… Зачем это комментировать? 😮

  5. Looks boring bage, if this is the highlight, poker go is dead, have no idea to out on fun cash games, much better ones in youtube for free and bigger steaks!

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