Matt Berkey Bluffs Into Top Set?!

Matt Berkey bluffed into Brandon Adams with top set on No Gamble, No Future!

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Matt Berkey Bluffs Into Top Set?!

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    1. Anyone one diamond or pair would bluff here. It is not hard to find Bluffs and Value you beat. you beat all Two pairs and Sets you. Before you say what two pair bets here what Str would bet here.

    2. ​@@gustavsmg That’s why he said

      – every diamond draw

      Which means all diamond combos

  1. He checked back on the turn, he might as well have turned his hand face up.

    1. In fact by checking the turn his hand was capped for a one pair at most, so he miss repped his hand totally therefore he should have called, as if berkey knew he had a set he would have never ever pulled this bluff, berkey wanted him to fold a pair maybe 2 pairs at most

  2. Those guys would get crushed at a home game lol! What an underwhelming hand.

    1. That guy is a pro and would read you and your buddies like an open book lol

  3. I love how Berkey thinks he’s a genius. He made a horrible play and Brandon made a horrible fold. Berkey is terrible he’s a 2/5 player at best.

  4. YouTube commenters trying to tell pros how to play will always be hilarious to me lol keep loosing your $50 and $100 deposits on ACR clowns

  5. Fine fold tbh. People can criticize the fold all they want, but most of Berkey’s continues after being reraised are draws and means Berkey needs to be bluffing a lot of pairs in order to call, which most people won’t have enough 6x to turn into a bluff bc they’d be folding most 6x to the reraise. Although in this instance it’s a bluff, I’m not sure berkey will have enough bluffs of lower pairs to offset his flush and straight draws, all/most of which get there by river.

  6. It’s kind of crazy how I can even see the hands because of all the piping over the top of it

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