Massive $20,000+ Pots with Poker Legends at The Lodge | Poker Vlog #407

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Massive $20,000+ Pots with Poker Legends at The Lodge | #407

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  1. Tuesdays dose of rampage poker! love the vlogs! It’s what I wait for twice a week!

  2. I tend to agree with your check back on the AA hand. Ranges are so wide In TX. I think its ok to add a few check backs now and then on those types of boards

  3. I’d play the AA hand the same way. You can’t bet the river. If you get raised, you almost have to fold.

  4. Anyone in LA, there’s a MUG with Mariano and I starting at 4PM at Hustler Casino! Looking forward to seeing everyone there for a fun few hours of cards and 🦵🏈

  5. DP being a bad influence? I see @ the end you’re picking up wardrobe tips? 😁😁😁
    Fun vlog👍

  6. Bro your building the Dream and working hard at it. I respect that, your skills are definitely improving each Vlog too. Keep it goin Kid, u got Heart

  7. I’m so hype for the Hustler Casino Live stream with you and Mariano tomorrow! Best of luck!

  8. I think I agree with the checkback on the turn, your reasoning is sound. There are few weaker hands and more trappy hands like sets I guess. You don’t expect a draw to call that turn bet

  9. I think checking back the river with aces wasn’t nitty at all! He could’ve had anything the way they play in Texas lol

  10. I like the check back with AA, you bet out there and they check raise huge, puts you in a horrible spot

  11. First Lifestream ? You’ve been to the lodge before, haven’t you ?
    Great video bro !

  12. With ranges being so wide and you deciding to value on the turn i think the board was only a two street value board. and by betting on the turn instead of the river you were charge him almost a half pot bet with a naked flush draw. Good check back on the river!

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