Maniac Bluff-raises 1.2 Million Into Our Full House!! #shorts

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Maniac Bluff-raises 1.2 Million Into Our Full House!!

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    1. ​@Michael D. He might bet… he certainly wasn’t calling…. check was the move to see if he bluffed…. only way to win for him

    2. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  1. good job kid, you are a cerebral poker player. cool to watch you grow up in poker.

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  2. Love to see you doing shorts brad great way to grow your channel and introduce people to the great game we call poker☔️🧑‍🦯⌛️

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  3. Welcome to YouTube shorts brad may your year be prosperous both on and off the felt ❤

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  4. You gave away perfect info by check calling the flop and leading the turn. You told the story that you had a six..
    You shouldn’t have lead the river he might have* bet 2mil extra

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  5. Brad got his money in good on that last hand. Not this video, the main video.
    He had king’s against ace/king.
    Now he could have laid down and probably coasted to top twenty.
    But he was trying to win.
    Good for you Brad!

    1. Ya that was brutal beat at this stage of the tournament, but there is no way in any world that he would have folded KK pre and especially for that specific opponent who could have easily applying some ICM pressure,
      Only if he won that pot, he would have reached the final table at least

    2. Tbf he won the exact same when he had ak v kk earlier in the tournament, win some lose some haha.

    3. @jimmie 89 we all know that in order to win a big tournament you have to get so lucky in few hands here and there, in return you don’t have to lose the same hands you won and especially at that specific stage when brad got bad beat hard, that was a very critical hand deciding if he can clinch the title or at least reaching the final table

    4. @Elio Elio yeah tournament pokers easy just have to win your all ins lol sometimes you get bad beat sometimes tou cooler someone it all evens out is my point he okayed extremely well from the vlog footage.l guys deffo close to big tourney win

    5. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  6. This hand is perfect example of skill in poker . The skill is to manipulate opponent to do what u want him to do. Fold , raise or call

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆..

  7. Now the question is… knowing he can bluff with nothing… how do you keep up with out having the nuts..

    Let’s say you hit a pair of 9’s do you still keep up. I feel like I would float one see what he does but if he re-raise me I guess I would call because he maybe trying to push me out with nothing. But I duno…

    1. Yeah 17 million chip pot total 🤦‍♂️. Maybe I’ll have another shot at an event like that in the future.

    2. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆.

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆.

  8. Started following you two or three years ago. It’s insane to see where you are now. You deserve it all.

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆.

  9. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge…..

    1. I just looked him up on google and he’s a licensed broker, I am contacting him right away, thanks.

    2. Same i here, i will praise mr Nelson over and over again because he has great skills, i started with $2000 and after 2week i received a returns of $6,000 then i continue with him ever since he has been delivering.

    3. @Brayan Upton I just sent him a message now. With all the recommendations I’ve seen here, I’ll definitely give it a try.

    4. I love these morons using videos for theor own marketing. even if guy makes money for people I’d never trust it due to shady marketing. maybe if he was related to the video in some way I would but he is not.

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁👆.

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