MAIN EVENT MADNESS!!! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 37

The Centerpiece is here and it's a rollercoaster of a day as we aim to make it through on proceed to day 2.

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Great morning
1:45 Breakfast
2:18 Drive In
4:05 Starting Table
6:00 1st Break
7:10 # 1.
8:40 # 2.
10:55 Erik Seidel.
12:30 second Break.
14:05 Hand Breakdown # 3.
16:30 television Table.
17:02 Dinner Break.
17:16 PokerGO Hand.
23:20 Driving me Nuts!
24:30 fourth Break.
25:00 New Table.
25:20 Frustrated.
26:10 Matched Connectors.
28:00 End of Day 1.
29:30 Tally.

I'm back with another year of your favorite WSOP Vlogs, coming at you each and every day from for the whole WSOP. Videos will be published around 9:15 am PT. Hand Breakdowns, All Ins, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, the bad beats, the deep runs, and ideally another bracelet, or more!

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MAIN EVENT MADNESS!!! – Daniel 2023 WSOP Poker Day 37

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  1. It’s always a pleasure watching you play live, Daniel. I sincerely hope that Amanda is feeling better. Watched you on the Main Event stream last night, I’m believing in you for a massive upswing. Limpin is pimpin! These vlogs have always been my absolute favorite of the YouTube poker vlogs! 😊

    1. He’s playing very disciplined. Just needs some good action when he’s got a good hand and he’ll be back up!

    2. Its always an excuse take your wins and move on💩💩💩💩

  2. Was watching live last night. Then they cut it off. Sorry we missed more of your play. Your playing good Daniel, keep pushing and being patient. You got this!

  3. D Negs really wants to win, I love the competitiveness, I hope Day 2 fairs better. Chip and a chair and you are still in there.

  4. wow what a grind! I must say you sure make poker waaayyyyy more entertaining when your init! Variance WILL go your way – hang in there bro! tell Amanda we love her even without make-up and I hope she’s feeling better!

  5. I really dont know how someone can be a big fan of you and still asking you for a picture during your breaks, they are for sure not watching any vlogs of you! Could not stay that calm so many times 🙂 GL and get it!

  6. I have been watching you play poker since I was 16 and ever since then, you have been my favorite poker player to watch and learn from. I am saving up to come and play at the WSOP for my first time, next year when I turn 30 years old and I hope I get to chance to meet you, briefly, NOT on your 15 minute break though haha. Keep up the good work and good luck in the main event! – Big supporter all the way from South Africa!

  7. Fantastic vlog D, I followed the live and it was great to watch you play and the thought process. It helps a lot of amateur like me to learn more about the game.

  8. Playing to win, absolutely no mistakes I see you!!!! watching your videos everyday has become part my daily schedule. I enjoy watching you play live…Your speech for Doyle was great he is truly missed. Thanks bro appreciate all your hard work to put out this content.

  9. These vlogs are the best. Entertaining and educational! Its awesome to get insight into how one of the best to ever do it thinks through hands! On to day 2!

  10. Love Shelby’s and Boris’s photos! Nice to see you put the peoples you meet in the hand breakdowns.

  11. Thanks for taking us along for the ride- you are the goat for being able to vlog while playing in the biggest tournament. Mad respect!

  12. Daniel san. Grasshopper. You got this my son. Grind grind and smash. LFG baby! This is your house! YOU ARE THE MASTER

  13. Watching you break down that JJ vs A9 hand live was incredible. I could see the gears turning that something didn’t add up. The “Does he have it? No” Was a pretty baller moment. Hope day 2 went better!

  14. I ❤ the Crystal’s “Rotation” cameos. She’s such a sweetheart. I bet she has awesome energy. 👍🔥😉

  15. Daniel!! Bar vid ever!!! So cool…. I wish you well, play hands IN POSITION….it’s most important thing I’ve learned over the years..👍👍

  16. I’m in Love with Crystal “Rotation”! What a Beauty! I hope her SO is good to her!

  17. The man of the people. You are filming, they are filming, your at a feature table and you have fans who want pictures etc. It drains you. I am impressed as always.

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