MAIN EVENT LIFE ALL ON QUEENS! 2022 WSOP Main Event Day 3 Poker Vlog #465

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MAIN EVENT LIFE ALL ON QUEENS! 2022 WSOP Main Event Day 3 #465

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    1. @Rampage I had a Greek gyro and some rice! I gotta tell bro, that second QQ all-in hurt to watch, you were in such a good spot. You’ll cash the main next year, man! Keep up the grind, love the content!

  1. I can’t believe it!! That runout was brutal asl. Pure savagery. Idk what else to say, sorry bro.

  2. Love the main event content! No one doing this only you! Keep Ya head up! Remember that tournament got you there in the first place and yt

  3. Damn Ethan, that fricken QQ all in hand BLEW bigtime!! Man, we feel your pain…you played well and that’s all you can do!! Love your vlogs and the fun commentary! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Absolutely keep there vlogs coming.
    I was looking forward to this for last couple of days & when it popped up on my recommended & I saw the length of the vid (<15') I was disappointed 😩
    Unlucky pal.
    Great content as always.

  5. Keep your head up Ethan. Love your vids u got me committed to poker, thank you for what you do! <3 love from Canada.

  6. What a nice attitude and love for the game you have. Very skilled also, which leaves me with the thought that you shouldnt have left it in the hands of a flip having come this far !
    ( Easier said that done I’d have jammed big time with those queens too😂. But I suck so its ok to gamble)

  7. Keep your head up, Ethan! That pocket Queen call was the right call. Just so unfortunate he had a guardian angel or something on his side or something to flop and turn a straight.. What a bad turn of events but we will be here to cheer you on on the next event! 💯💯

  8. When I see the video 14 minutes long… I already know what is going to happen.

  9. I can always predict how the tournaments are going to turn out dependent on the length of the video 😅

  10. Love it mate. Great vlog and everyone has a poker bad beat story. You played well and have nothing to feel bad for. Your small stack game is on freaking point bro!

  11. Damnnnn it fold sometimes I really think you have what it takes to go deep in the tournament.

  12. Man that freaking sucks bro I was rooting for you to cash and the sweats eventually gotta go your way. Thanks for the great content.

  13. I can be pretty passive. I would have found the fold in this spot. All-in for little over 10 big could be doing that with KQ, QJ, or a middling pocket pair. The raiser has an AK minimum in this spot, which means your flipping or a massive underdog with maybe one of your outs gone. He was sitting on close to 60 big, plenty of chips left and WSOP main is very slow tournament structure. So plenty of time to find a more comfortable spot. But I’m just amature who enjoys occasional poker game.

  14. I know you feel a certain way when things don’t go as you hoped. You’ve really inspired a lot of people to play poker and get better, including myself, and this whole run for the last couple of years has been epic to watch. Thank you.

  15. thanks Ethan for the main event coverage and .. for your poker club.. man it’s awesome playing there .. lots of soft players $$$$

  16. Tournaments just have too much luck unless your stack gets huge (which is dependent on luck to get it there). You played great.

  17. Ouch! That hurts. Thanks for sharing, I feel the pain. Hang in there man, we love watching the ride.

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