Hand Evaluations and studying our Day 3 table are on the docket before Day 3 of the Main Event tomorrow.

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Excellent Morning
1:12 PokerGO Hand
3:08 Hand Analysis
4:57 Dialed In
5:48 # 1.
8:50 Hand Breakdown # 2.
11:15 Plan for the day.
12:15 Day 3 Table Draw.
13:26 Table Notes.
16:24 Errands.

I'm back with another interesting year of your favorite WSOP vlogs, streaming daily from throughout the entire 2024 WSOP. Tune in every early morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like and Phil Hellmuth, impressive bad beats, deep runs, and hopefully, another !

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  1. Your tournament freeze out play is just the best tutorial out there. I personally always try to trust my intuition not because it is always right but because there are no regrets! Good luck!

    1. @@guiart4728 I’m not hating on it. I’m generally curious. As a 44 year old man, I understand. Thankfully I still have a full head of glorious hair

  2. i can see how it would be exhausting and annoying to play on the feature table. But on the other hand it also provides you with information which would otherwise be unobtainable and so you can adjust your playstyle accordingly.

    1. That’s true for the top level tournaments where you’re facing a bunch of pros and people who you run into a lot, but in the first few days of the main event it’s mostly going to be 1-2 name players and a bunch of people that those folks will never see again. So you are revealing some of your strategies to other good players, but not really getting much actionable information.

  3. Note for the editors: Florian Lebong is from DE which is Deutschland (Germany). Denmarks abbreviation is DK.

  4. Slow and steady wins the race. Or at least makes a deep run. Looking forward to you making your first Main Event Final Table this year!

  5. LETS GO DANIEL! The Tourney starts today! Love the goal of 600k!!! 🥊🥊

  6. Rooting for you Daniel! Thanks for taking the picture with me after you went into your break room following the 50k PLO tournament. I tried to be a patient respectful fan and didn’t grab you as you were headed into your room (you looked pretty mad)!

  7. 7:02 Daniel, on T92r solvers go small actually (you don’t have a substantial nuts adv but a big range adv so you go small and wide). On the river, T9 is a mandatory call in GTO world, you block aces up and sets, and you beat some value like AQ,AJ. In fact solver either calls or raises. I’m not sure why you made this huge deviation,especially on a tiny river check-raise.

    1. When it comes down to it, Daniel plays old school.
      IOW, he goes with his gut.

  8. From down under. I love watching you play. Wishing all your lost pots be small and winning the big pots

  9. Usually if the lights are green instead of the blue, the Green connector is in the blue spot, and just needs to be flipped and plugged back in so the signal is going through the correct cable/light.

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