Luda Chris, Linglin, JBoogs & JT Play THE ANTE GAME!! Commentary by DGAF

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Luda Chris, Linglin, JBoogs & JT Play THE ANTE GAME!! Commentary by DGAF

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  1. Interesting hands from tonight Ante Game Tuesday 9/5 from Hustler Casino Live. Most hands make it to showdown! If I missed a hand you thought was interesting add it down below! Have a great day!

    51:26 Michael AKo vs Luda JTo Vs JT KQss
    54:52 JT KK Vs JBoogs AQo
    1:05:31 Patrick AKo Vs Linglin QTo
    1:08:46 Patrick A9hh vs Luda 86dd
    1:29:26 Michael KThh Vs JT A4o
    1:33:16 Dr P AJdd Vs Big John A8o
    1:37:26 Big John 77 vs Sun KTo
    1:43:15 Ai ya Dr P
    1:48:11 Linglin AKo Vs JT Q7ss
    1:57:56 Dr P A5cc vs Big John A7dd
    2:02:06 Patrick JTo Vs Linglin QJo
    2:14:26 Patrick 86dd Vs Michael AKo
    2:19:02 Dr P JJ vs Linglin 87ss
    2:22:03 Patrick QQ vs Luda AKo (ai ya)
    2:26:07 Sun KTo Vs Big John AA vs Dr P QQ
    2:31:56 Heavily Multi-way Pot
    2:39:01 Michael Q7cc vs Luda KTo vs Big John A9o
    2:51:36 Luda T7hh vs JT QTdd
    2:59:51 Patrick AKo Vs JT QTo
    3:10:36 Sun 77 vs JBoogs AQo
    3:14:31 Luda 55 vs JT 99 Vs Linglin QQ
    3:24:21 JT AKo Vs Linglin AA
    3:33:16 Sun A4cc Vs JT 85hh
    3:35:07 Michael AQo vs Luda KQo
    3:36:41 Luda 52ss Vs JT Q3cc
    3:46:39 Patrick T7cc vs JT A5o
    3:52:21 Linglin JTo Vs Sun 97o
    3:55:11 Linglin AQo Vs JT A7o (funniest hand of the night)
    4:06:52 Luda K9cc Vs JT A7o
    4:11:56 Dr P K9o Vs Sun ATo
    4:20:53 JBoogs AKo Vs Patrick 76ss vs JT 74dd
    4:28:16 Michael QQ vs Big John 76o
    4:35:26 Linglin AQo Vs JBoogs J9cc
    4:38:56 Luda 89o Vs Patrick ATo
    4:40:41 Luda 77 vs Linglin KJhh
    4:49:52 Big John K7o Vs JT AA
    4:52:31 JT 63hh Vs Patrick ATcc
    5:06:01 JBoogs KTo vs JT A4o
    5:16:26 Luda JJ vs JT ATo
    5:22:21 Linglin KK vs JBoogs AA (watch this)
    5:30:09 Final Stats

  2. The dr seems like a nice guy. That being said I think these games are a bit too big for him. That action between Luda,JT,LL and Sun was non stop n super entertaining.

  3. Who is Luda Chris? For the blind, He is the vision. For the hungry, He is the chef. For the thirsty, He is the water. If Luda Chris thinks, I agree. If Luda Chris speaks, I’m listening. If Luda Chris has one fan, it is me. If Luda Chris has no fans, I don’t exist

  4. JT got tenure at Hustler Live today…Funny😅😅😅😅

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