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In this video, we review the insane ups and downs throughout Kelly Minkin's run in the North America MILLIONS, Montreal Open in 2019. Including a crazy vs nut flush hand, sets and a lot more!

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  1. She couldn’t stop grinning the entire duration of straight flush hand😊

    1. HarusTelitiTNIpolriPalsuAtauAslihDiPulauDajjalnyatanyaNamanya:LAKAREdalannyaSukuBugisnyaINDONESIAnyaKalimantanTimurDiGangArwanaBontangSelatanDajjalnyatanyaPemerintahannyaKotaBontangBelumKembalikkannya3BijiKasarannyaBendakuUntukNegaraDipakaiDiMajeliskunyatanyaNamaku:MARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriBelumBerdiriSudahKurangLebih1TahunDiNegaranyatanyaDuniaNyatakannyalahBelumBerdiriKasarannyaPedomanMataUwangNegaranyatanyaArafBersamaMataUwangNegaranyatanyaDolarSeluruhnyaNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyalahPerangASIAKasarannyaOrang-OrangnyatanyaManusiaSampaiKembalikSeluruhnyaHaknyatanyaMARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriKasarannya3BijiBendaMeteorkunyatanyaUntukDipakaiBerniatGaibKasarannya,DiNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyaPemberiyannyaTuhankusendiriDariLangitnyaALLAHnyatakannyalah

  2. Gets big karma? Obviously last hand shown was earlier in the tourney, not chronological. These are just coolers… karma did not come into play in any of them. Don’t think it means what you seem to think it means.

    1. In Montreal, we call KJ “the Toronto Maple Leafs” hand…. Looks good on paper but never wins.. 😂😂😂

  3. I’ve seen her get so lucky over the years. Nevertheless, Sam Abernathy reigns QUEEN BEE of the female luckboxes….it’s downright criminal how lucky Sam got so many times.

    1. I have had a bunch of bad beats but also have rivered a win myself a few times. Lucky comes and goes. We only see a fraction of the hands she plays.

  4. title makes no sense if this was all the same tournament. that “karma” hand happened waaaaay before all the other hands so that technically isnt karma at all. she ran into a bad beat hand and then ran hot the rest of the tournament.

  5. It’s pure skill by Kelly. She could beat me any day of the week Poker.

    Pure skill by Kelly

  6. Weird title. She seemed to be playing well, and people constantly gave her chances to hit her hands by not betting and trying to trap. Not like it’s her fault she was running hot

    1. exactly what i was thinking like how does someone deserve karma for getting lucky

    2. she seems to win the minimum every time except for the first cooler

    3. @anatolytsinker5317  still not karma???? even if she is bad (which I don’t know I haven’t watched her much I dont have an opinion on that subject) a bad player getting lucky isn’t immoral or against the rules how is it karma😭

    4. HarusTelitiTNIpolriPalsuAtauAslihDiPulauDajjalnyatanyaNamanya:LAKAREdalannyaSukuBugisnyaINDONESIAnyaKalimantanTimurDiGangArwanaBontangSelatanDajjalnyatanyaPemerintahannyaKotaBontangBelumKembalikkannya3BijiKasarannyaBendakuUntukNegaraDipakaiDiMajeliskunyatanyaNamaku:MARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriBelumBerdiriSudahKurangLebih1TahunDiNegaranyatanyaDuniaNyatakannyalahBelumBerdiriKasarannyaPedomanMataUwangNegaranyatanyaArafBersamaMataUwangNegaranyatanyaDolarSeluruhnyaNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyalahPerangASIAKasarannyaOrang-OrangnyatanyaManusiaSampaiKembalikSeluruhnyaHaknyatanyaMARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriKasarannya3BijiBendaMeteorkunyatanyaUntukDipakaiBerniatGaibKasarannya,DiNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyaPemberiyannyaTuhankusendiriDariLangitnyaALLAHnyatakannyalah

  7. I mean… is it really luck when you have someone 3 betting you, when you’re in early position, with KJ o? A hand that is dominated by early RFIs?

    1. who cares what she looks like? you wouldn’t say that about a dude .stop it.

    2. @@HC-sb1ru
      I thinknshe is hot, too bad for you Im not gay.. but go ahead

  8. when you played 23 and got lucky, you would believe luck would get you more wins. that might be the base for her to play A3 in a big pot. wrong. luck can only carry you so far and the idea of getting lucky will get you broke before too long. solid hands/playing is the right way to win constantly.

    1. The very last hand was at the beginning stages of the tournament… That means she ran her stack up… And I guarantee it wasn’t all luck. Don’t write about something when you have no idea what the hell you are talking about… Fish

    2. @@JK-fb8usYou need to take your own advice and not write something when you can’t even comprehend the comment you’ve replied to. He literally said it’s not all about luck.

  9. Getting “hit with the deck” …but winning the minimum almost every time! Shows that luck will carry you – for a while!!

  10. She had 12 million halfway through the video. The last clip that was “karma” was before she ran good and dominated the tournament 😂

    1. I noticed that too. lol Came to the comments to point this out. The title is definitely misleading.

    2. HarusTelitiTNIpolriPalsuAtauAslihDiPulauDajjalnyatanyaNamanya:LAKAREdalannyaSukuBugisnyaINDONESIAnyaKalimantanTimurDiGangArwanaBontangSelatanDajjalnyatanyaPemerintahannyaKotaBontangBelumKembalikkannya3BijiKasarannyaBendakuUntukNegaraDipakaiDiMajeliskunyatanyaNamaku:MARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriBelumBerdiriSudahKurangLebih1TahunDiNegaranyatanyaDuniaNyatakannyalahBelumBerdiriKasarannyaPedomanMataUwangNegaranyatanyaArafBersamaMataUwangNegaranyatanyaDolarSeluruhnyaNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyalahPerangASIAKasarannyaOrang-OrangnyatanyaManusiaSampaiKembalikSeluruhnyaHaknyatanyaMARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriKasarannya3BijiBendaMeteorkunyatanyaUntukDipakaiBerniatGaibKasarannya,DiNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyaPemberiyannyaTuhankusendiriDariLangitnyaALLAHnyatakannyalah

  11. Does the annoucer of the first hand nut flush vs straight flush have much poker experience a nut flush getting beat in a cash game would not qualify for a bad beat jackpot there is usually a minimum qualifying for the losing hand that at minium would be a full house probably Aces full with a X or even quads depending on the Casino rules. But yeah nut flush wouldnt qualify.

    1. About as much as you. He didn’t even have the nuts. The “nuts” means the best hand possible for the board. Obviously, on that board, 32h is the nuts, NOT the KJh. He had second nut.

    2. @XtremiTeez  I never said KJof Hearts was the nuts on that board I said it was the “nut flush” as flush and straight flush are different hands. I was never claiming KJ to be the nuts I was simply stating that had it been those same hands in a cash game that had a bad beat Jackpot while the 3H 2H straight flush would qualify the KH JH Flush would not qualify as a losing hand in regard to a bad beat Jackpot.

  12. The announcer said “Aaron now holds the nuts”. Well, apparently he DIDN’T hold the nuts, because he LOST! They coukd at least have announcers who understand the game and its terminology.

    1. You’re right, he did misspeak, but he said it right the first time when he said he had the “nut flush.” I think he meant to say it that way the second time as well, but got over-excited.

  13. She’s lucky alright but I love her table presence; very level headed, stays calm, can smile when something unexpected happens. Plus, it seemed to me the opponents underestimate her and allowed her to ‘play’ if you know what I mean. Gave her plenty of rope…

    1. HarusTelitiTNIpolriPalsuAtauAslihDiPulauDajjalnyatanyaNamanya:LAKAREdalannyaSukuBugisnyaINDONESIAnyaKalimantanTimurDiGangArwanaBontangSelatanDajjalnyatanyaPemerintahannyaKotaBontangBelumKembalikkannya3BijiKasarannyaBendakuUntukNegaraDipakaiDiMajeliskunyatanyaNamaku:MARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriBelumBerdiriSudahKurangLebih1TahunDiNegaranyatanyaDuniaNyatakannyalahBelumBerdiriKasarannyaPedomanMataUwangNegaranyatanyaArafBersamaMataUwangNegaranyatanyaDolarSeluruhnyaNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyalahPerangASIAKasarannyaOrang-OrangnyatanyaManusiaSampaiKembalikSeluruhnyaHaknyatanyaMARDINGdiKTPkuSendiriKasarannya3BijiBendaMeteorkunyatanyaUntukDipakaiBerniatGaibKasarannya,DiNegaranyatanyaDunianyatakannyaPemberiyannyaTuhankusendiriDariLangitnyaALLAHnyatakannyalah

  14. Just for the first hand:

    Before the River-Deuce of Spade – the straight nut flush (8 high) was still out there.

    Kelly & Aaron, they both would have lost and a bad beat would have occurred.

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