LIVE WSOP coverage from the Horseshoe with Will Jaffe, Ryan DePaulo, Mintzy, and Natalie Bode

and Mintzy host High Noon daily from the 2023 World Series of with Ryan DePaulo joining them.

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LIVE coverage from the Horseshoe with , Ryan DePaulo, Mintzy, and Natalie Bode

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  1. Dude on the right is legitimately the most depressed host on the market. How do you host a poker show and not understand mix games?

    1. I couldn’t agree more…. I saw several tweets from him as well. He definitely seems like a miserable and angry person. Pray for him, although my guess is, he doesn’t strike me a prayer type of guy 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    2. @@mgw210 you definitely seem like a hypochondriacal, condescending religious person that everyone despises

  2. Ryan DePaulo is the people’s champ. We all want him to win a bracelet, probably 3 this year, because his Degen vlog is what we need to keep the dream alive. His dream is ours, because who doesn’t want to win some tasty hardware in a Whole Foods parking lot in New Jersey?? I know you can’t pump your own gas there, but he’s been pumping us all up (like Hans & Frans, but in a much less guy on guy way). We love you Ryan.

  3. Depaulo and Jaffe are gold together. Mintzy can screw off, as can all the Stoolies. But whatever. Just keep paying Ryan and Will

  4. Living for Ryan on this podcast 😂. This has fast become our favorite wsop content x

  5. If you could time stamp the video for when mintzy starts so we know where and how long to skip for, that would be great.

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