LIVE WSOP coverage from the Horseshoe with Will Jaffe, Ryan DePaulo, Mintzy, and Natalie Bode

and Mintzy host High Noon daily from the 2023 with Ryan DePaulo joining them.

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LIVE coverage from the Horseshoe with , Ryan DePaulo, Mintzy, and Natalie Bode

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  1. Jed showed a lot more confidence today. Give that kid a few more interviews and he’ll be ready for DePaulo’s spot.

  2. Loving these streams so much! Hilarious! Ryan is a legend of course, but I’ve just discovered Mintzy with this stream and he’s fantastic! Had no idea where he was from, googled him, and let’s just say I”m grateful he’s here. Will and Natalie are awesome too!

  3. Will jafre is the new funniest presenter. And I am a stereotypical will jafre fan, a bad judge of comedy and taste.

  4. When I hear Mintzy talk it sounds like a dump truck unloading a full load of gravel in the Deep South.

  5. My favorite thing about the wsop now. You guys should start a pod together it would absolutely crush

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