LIVE! 2023 WSOP ONLINE – $2,500 Limit Hold’em Championship

We're back for our very first occasion of the 2023 Online on GGPoker!

We'll be streaming for the next number of weeks from Vancouver playing the 2023 Online.

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LIVE! 2023 WSOP ONLINE – $2,500 Limit Hold'em Championship

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  1. On the 2 3 off suit hand toward the end, Daniel would have had a straight, or a straight flush?????

  2. Why does it seem like whoever is short-stacked & goes all-in, ends up winning?😢

  3. it blows my mind a rich man who has been in the game for nearly 3 decades still gets angry and bewildered.

    1. It’s not that surprising. Negs has a pretty outgoing personality. Being passionate about something is going to bring out emotions. Just the type of dude he is. I’d rather watch him show a little emotion than just sit there like a robot

  4. Buddy. I’m in the uk , the voice sound and background sound is absolutely perfect ! It’s not your end !

  5. You remind me of Hellmuth. “Hey Hunny”. “Hunny, I got Q-6, flop came 6-6-Q.” Don’t get mad. 😂

  6. Great stream Dnegs! Volume was fine. And you played great! Always pick uo on a little something when I i watch/listen to you. Excited for the rest of the streams 🤘🏻

    Also, browsing all the comments from the “Poker Pros” on YT always gives me a chuckle. The Donkeys always seem to know EXACTLY what you should’ve done, lol.

  7. 🗣 Daniel Daniel!

    This might sound silly but I have been playing online for bout 20 years now on and off and I noticed with all the pokersites the small blind position is in a big disadvantage.
    Like that hand you played with the Aces vs the JJ’s.
    That happens in SB about 90% off the time.
    Give me Aces in SB and I’m not happy cause I know it just doesn’t win very often.
    I 4-bet SB position when I’m in BB-pos. cause I know SB not very likely too win.
    So SB is very much fucked no matter what the opponent(s) have.

  8. 2:16:15 lmfao Amanda laughing in the background to your utter disbelief in being raised again 😂

  9. Great Stream great play as always.
    I was wondering does GG pay for your buy-in?
    When you win do they take a percentage ? If so how much?
    Thank you and best of luck

  10. 3:54:06 – when Daniel is talking about closing on the house and the previous owners are going to “throw in the furniture” for an extra 110k it makes me very sad to know that the furniture deal is only about 20k less than what my whole flat is worth and I’m spending the next 25 years paying the mortgage on 🙄😂 high roller problems there dnegz

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