LIMPIN’ is PIMPIN’ – 2022 WSOPE Poker Vlog Day 6

We're back for Day 2 of the 8 Video game Mix occasion and prepared to run up our brief stack.

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LIMPIN' is PIMPIN' – 2022 Poker Day 6

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  1. One of the best things about dude is that he never take credit for himself when he achieves something.he always respect us,the audience,and his team, and he is always polite in all of his video. We congratulate ourselves on his achievement. ggg

  2. 2 questions pal why you doing theses vlogs so short usually your around 20 mins and also on the other wsop vlogs you put on the screen how much your up or down but not this time ?? Keep killing over there bro love having the vlogs back on. Good luck and ill keep watching bro.

    1. Multiple answers, he doesn’t have a room/rv nearby to go back for hand breakdowns. He solo-ing this trip so he doesn’t have anyone else to get stuff he needs that gave him free time with us in previous vlogs 🙂👍 Me happy we getting what we getting plus with another possible final table we can see it fully on WSOPE YT stream 😎

    2. He did after his 25K Event win, he was up ~100k+ so he currently break even with the 2 Bullet 50K buy-ins

  3. if im not mistaken his the guy who called jack high before and wins it.

  4. if im not mistaken his the guy who called jack high before and wins it.

  5. ‘I smell a cigarette’ 🤣🤣
    All the flips you lost and now you lay down 89 suited!
    When is a good time to go all-in and when not? I tend to trust the suited-part but I dont play poker.
    Buy a water-sprayer, install it in the seam of your jacket and then psjt psjt on every cigarette PLUS charge the hotel for each cigarette you psjt.
    Bon chance 💯👍

  6. 50k bullet .dont forget all europeans call everything or all in with crap luck ,flops are always crap or great and too many aggressors . good luck go usa

  7. hey danny never all in unless 60% too many callers in europe and lucky crap flops for others too

  8. I wonder if this structure is really stupid or maybe there are other people who learn to play deep and starting with 500bb is their advantage.

  9. So does Alan get compensated for his contribution? Do you buy him a T-shirt? Maybe a meal?

  10. Love you man! But really do you need more money? lol Your post has commercial every five seconds! You’re awesome! Enjoy all your posts. Keep up the good work!

  11. You have to go to a gift shop and see if they have a kids police set…. use the badge as the smoke police

  12. Daniel…. Do you ever just gamble for fun… Blackjack, craps, UTH, 3 card, etc?

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