LIFE IS GOOD making another DEEP RUN! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 20

The 50k bust out hurt, but after some reflection and viewpoint I'm ready for another run in the Online 6-max event.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Sunny Day
1:30 That one hurt
2:55 Wasserson
3:30 High Rollers
4:30 Life is excellent
5:50 Beat Saber
6:45 Short lived
8:00 Grind time
8:30 Player of the Year
10:50 Taking Seat
11:35 Double Up
12:10 Supper
13:15 Jam
13:42 Approaching the Bubble
14:40 Bubble Bluff
16:52 Overbet Jam
17:50 Ace Jack
18:35 3 Aces
19:30 Jacks
20:15 Important Idea
21:42 Tens
22:45 Ace Queen
23:18 Top Set
25:20 Damn
25:42 Password

I'm back with another interesting year of your favorite vlogs, streaming daily from throughout the entire 2024 . Tune in every early morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like and Phil Hellmuth, impressive bad beats, deep runs, and ideally, another !

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LIFE IS GOOD making another DEEP RUN! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 Day 20

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  1. Hey Daniel. Hope word series goes well for you. Always pulling for you in the main event.

  2. Dnegs, let Amanda have Beat Saber… you’ll always have her drawing dead in Hearthstone.

  3. Love reading the experts in the comments. The age of The Dunning Kruger era

  4. Sick last hand. Guy had open ended and check raises when a flush is already possible.

    1. I think people play weird against the poker pros just for the story.

    2. The thing about these people is that we actually want them play like that since in long term they can’t survive. Daniel knows 🙂

    3. Is it really optimal to just call his flop checkraise on that board? If a club, 5, 7 or 8 comes on the turn or river, he can shove and you’re fucked. No cards except board pairings are good for you. Seems like a clear fold/raise spot. His implied odds are great against you on turn and river and your implied odds are quite bad. Shoving in that spot gets rid of straight draws and might pull him off of a single card flush draw that’s not A or K.

    1. Friend of Amanda’s. Think maybe they used to work together, can’t remember – it’s in an earlier vlog.

    1. Yeah it was a little cringe when the camera panned over to them. Who is this Andy dude?

    2. Gay, Daniel has nothing to worry about😢😂 not that there’s anything wrong with that

    1. My dog can’t be left in bathroom alone she takes all toilet paper out and ruins everything 😂😂😂

    1. lol, ikr? That’s a weird obsession. Both of them too, fighting over it 😂😂😂

  5. Loving these daily vlogs! Saw in an earlier one that you enjoy mochi ice cream – my girlfriend works at a place and we’d love to send you some if you’re interested mate. Keep it up!

  6. Daniel, you have everything in life you need. The poker gods see this and have decided to give the other players a chance.

  7. Brutal! Not me yelling at the laptop screen when the 10 hit the turn, “FOLD THE 3 NINES D!! FOOOLD!!” lol

  8. Great Content Daniel! you are what many of us aspire to. Looks like you are living a great life, I am happy for you.

  9. 23:50 I feel that.. a spot that shouldn’t be a thing just wipes away all the good you’ve done over the whole thing. I feel that.

    1. That’s poker. And poker is gambling. It’s calculated gambling, but it’s still gambling ultimately. It’s possible to do everything right and still lose.

  10. I can’t believe how you change your mood just for us 😂😂😂 thanks so much for being so honest

  11. The tissue bit was pretty funny. Yeah, tough break there at the end. Thanks for sharing. Keep grinding and yes, you are playing great. Don’t lose that focus because your big moment is coming this year. Go get that bracelet and player of the year award!

  12. Tough day and thank you D Negs for gracing us with your vulnerability not as a gimmick but as a real human. Amazing progress in Beat Saber, and thanks to the VLOG team – great work this year – definitely a jump up in production quality and design

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