Landon/JBex Prop Bet is HEATING UP! 2nd Half WSOP Schedule & More! – DAT Poker Pod Ep #163

0:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
7:00 Prop Bets and Crossbook In Between Jeremy Becker and Landon Tice
13:15 Evaluating the Rules Daniel Proposed for the Bet
30:30 ( Schedule) Argument on the Guideline Regarding Variety Of Entries per Occasion
35:30 Conversation on Tournament Structures and Late Registration
40:30 Highlighted Occasions & Strategic Planning
43:30 Mixed Triple Draw Low Ball/Super Turbo Bounty/No Limitation Deuce to Seven Lowball
46:30 Elders and Deep Stack Events/Ladies and Mystery Bounty Events/Tag Group and Pot Limit Omaha
50:00 GG Masters $10M Ensured and Ross' Deep Money!
54:30 World Series of Circuit in Canada/Online Set Up and Structures
57:00 Barney Boatman's Triumph

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Landon/JBex Prop Bet is HEATING UP! 2nd Half Schedule & More! – DAT Pod Ep #163

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    1. Toronto is a run down dump. No idea why anyone wanting to play tournaments wouldn’t just head to Playground Poker in Montreal

    2. @@ParissaKhoury tdot downtown is a dump, outside that it’s very pretty city

  1. Unlimited re-entries don’t count against? Gives an advantage to the deeper pockets.

  2. Dana Whie had one of those scans done. They told him he had about ten years to live on his then trajectory. However the folks who did the test also gave him a health regime and his time increased exponentially. This was about 2 years ago when it was initially done. GG Dana.

  3. I actually dont know if Jeremy is a closer. He plays like 4 or 5 tourns, per day. Whether the buyin was 200 or 1000, where is Jeremy’s total buyin info?

  4. why doesnt Jeremy go on to a poker podcast like Gross or Solve for why? He could do with the exposure.

  5. Can you ask Layne Flack to start playing again? I miss watching him.

    1. @@shaddow3456 I know I meant with a fricking ouija board durrr

  6. If someone fires 20 bullets, they will need to make the final table to make it profitable. If you fire one bullet a min cash will make you profitable. What Berkey said makes sense. Though it “helps* it doesn’t guarantee good cash.

  7. Why does the bet have to be mutually played events? Wouldn’t it be cleaner if its just who has a more profitable summer? Still could do any event up to 25k and count reentries.

  8. Landon is a GTO wizard. He understands why the solvers give the solutions they do. I don’t know enough about Jeremy to say much but I get that he plays a more exploitive style. I will have to dig into his play. Exploitive vs GTO. I love the bet.

  9. Where do they actually talk about the WSOP Toronto stuff, the time links are not correct..

  10. I’m a little bummed they never got back around to talking about that guy’s hand

  11. whats all this talk about hypotheticals… I’m gonna watch ‘When Evil Teens Think Murder is Hilarious’.

  12. @ just after 55:00 mark – the comment gets said ” i don’t have THE good calculator in front of me” was that a mispoken sentence?Is there a “TI93 Graphing Calculator” for poker? Oh wait is he describing PIO but just calling it a calculator? That’s akin to medical people relying on WebMD….haha

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