Kevin Martin in Trouble versus Sashimi on No Gamble No Future

Big Bro champ and Jerk streamer makes his debut on No Gamble, No Future and instantly gets himself into trouble compared to Sashimi!

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in Trouble versus Sashimi on

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  1. After playing max pain Monday at hustler so often sashimi doesn’t know what running it twice means

    1. @@dalekerr5091 SORRY!! Deuces Plural. He pretty much blabbed his hand while there was still action happening!

    2. @@MOONRAK3R23 No he said after all action was done. The commentators said during.

  2. I dont understand just calling by Justin there. You invest so much knowing youll be forced to lay down on the turn if you miss. Just go all in on the flop see two cards. Guy is a dummy.

  3. Being in a room with Buckner is a fate worse than death. Guy is a nut low human.

  4. Who cares that you folded 2? Wish they all checked the flop and let him catch his set

  5. She said, I thought you had a set but called with tje lowest set on flop

  6. Heya PokerGO as a loyal HCL watcher, please, please keep Sashimi on your stream.

  7. D’Ambrosia makes the game un watchable. If I want to see a childish drunk annoy people I will go to the local dive bar. This guy makes me wish for Randall Emmitt

  8. I like how these stay at home dads , little “team pros” who get to benefit from that obvs , and eventually get courageous and end up spending big when they go out and play with real hustlers

  9. That’s why u don’t play 8,6 off suit to begin with. Same thing happened to me recently, but at least I had J,Q off suit so I didn’t feel as bad when my top two lost to A set of Jiggys (Jacks)

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