Jungleman Gets OWNED by HCL Regs

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Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
Associate Producer: Neve Levy
Audio Specialist: Gerry Feldman
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez
Animation: Alejandro Indriago
Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Special Thanks to the Flynt Household

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Jungleman Gets OWNED by HCL Regs

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  1. Can’t believe I watched and 6 hour stream of poker and 30% is this fool tanking

  2. My husky doggo talks same way when he is about to discover the secret of the universe. The doggo speech could last about 10 minutes, yet I am not entirely sure what he is going through. But I believe him.

    1. I showed this vid to my doggo. He tilted his head, I think he understands. They’ve got the same language.

  3. Jungleman is definitely interesting to watch…but whatever he’s on…count me out lol….

    1. Cates has been privately known to be on the autistic spectrum (aka, Asperger’s)

  4. We’ve had few of these nights where you can’t make the right decision it’s like playing wrong and wronger 😅

  5. When the level of play does not match the style you studied and the sample size is too small to tell whether they’re getting lucky or not

  6. This is a small sample, overall Jungle won in this game for >$100k. Show the 150k pot where he crushed Mariano.

  7. Jungle man aged like 10 years by tanking so much and stressing himself out with the wrong reads 😮

  8. Jungleman breaking down of the hand is really good. That being said, if you don’t have the confidence to execute it than it is meaningless. It is all for show and entertainment.

  9. Jungle bluffed a showed Mariano like a 2 hands before the 1st one here . Surprised jungle didn’t think Mariano was tilting which he was

  10. I enjoy hearing jungleman thinking through the hand and always a huge Tuchman fan.

  11. Lmao at the title. If the game went on forever, all of the money would end up in Jungleman’s stack.

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