Jeremy Ausmus, Jesse Lonis, Chino Rheem & Cary Katz Headline PokerGO Cup Final Table

Who will take the win in the fourth event of the 2024 PokerGO Cup? Stoyan Mandanzhiev blazes a trail ahead of Aram Zobian, Jeremy Ausmus, Cary Katz, Chino Rheem, and Jesse Lonis with the following payouts on the line!

1 – $226,800.
2 – $145,800.
3 – $105,300.
4 – $76,950.
5 – $56,700.
6 – $40,500.

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Jeremy Ausmus, Jesse Lonis, Chino Rheem & Cary Katz Headline PokerGO Cup Final Table

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    1. Yeah lol poor guy got decimated. I think he left thinking like what just happened..

  1. Something wasn’t right with Zobians stack size. He kept announcing what it was, Katz said only 10 million chips in play, all added up so why was Zobian out in third??

    1. The graphic was wrong. You can see from 4:40:00 that when Zobian raised to 675K he only had 400 behind, so after that double up he only had 2.35M after that pot, not 3.33M. You can also see Madanzhiev’s stack after the pot, he has 6 x 100k orange and 3 stacks of purple which is 1.5M + 11 more purple on top so that adds to 2.375M. Katz probably has an extra 500k in his stack.

  2. Asmus played very bad tho amateur moved got eliminated even before chino..hwtf he won 2022 pkc

  3. Kind of a bad look when the winner of the tournament just wants it to be over, rushes to take a quick picture and clearly doesn’t care so he can hop into the next event. Especially when that winner is the owner of the whole company. Do these events actually mean anything?

  4. I am old fashioned with my likes.
    If I post like, it means I actually liked something.

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