Jason Koon Shows Why He’s One of the Best Poker Players in the World! #poker

and Benjamin Pollak go head-to-head for the title and the $416,500 leading prize and after that this occurs on the river!

Shows Why He's One of the Best Poker Players in the World! #poker

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  1. He doesn’t beat any value. Basically Koon is saying Pollak has no bluffs here

    1. ​@@bentones1701 thats right. He could have some bluffs here but not enough bluffs to balance his value range.

  2. Yeah honestly a great fold that most should make. I mean what value is he beating here? And what bluff lol?

    1. He beats missed spades a hand like 78s of spades. That’s about it

    1. Oh yeah?i bet you would snap call in that situation
      Ofc its easy to fold if youre just spectating

    2. @@jk8176he was and this virgin never is finding a fold like he never finds a hole

    3. ​@@joboilibres9593that was an easy fold, you lose to anything that made it too the river…

    1. Yeah nothing but pocket kings,jacks, tens , missed spade flush draw, missed heart flush draw, missed open ended (7,8) but you’re right. There are no hands he can beat at all

  3. This is eerily similar to a hand Doyle was involved in years ago, where he had A-something high vs. opponent’s pocket 10s. Doyle flopped his Ace while the 10s did not improve, but stuck around. Then Doyle turned another Ace. Still the 10s stuck around. But then there was a river 10. Doyle was, of course, able to fold.

    1. That was merely 2 years ago, in the main even, doyle had AJ i believe. Guy rivered 10s full and doyle nade a great fold. Ironically, a few hours later doyle folded the Nut straight to Koons Flush, making another great fold.

  4. He’s only beating bluffs. Which are very unlikely to be there given the dynamics.

  5. His hand became a bluff catcher. All draws missed and his overbet gets shoved on.

  6. Everyone talking about the game I’m here like

    “Both these mans’ names is slurs😂😂😂”

    1. so in your mind the best play is to check-call flop and LEAD turn on a board pairing ace against the PFR with no kicker? Yea that seems profitable long-term…

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