Jamming Into a $20,000 Pot With The WORLD! Rampage Week at Hustler Pt. 1 | Poker Vlog #469

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Jamming Into a $20,000 Pot With The WORLD! Rampage Week at Pt. 1 | Poker #469

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  1. Hey man. I’m happy from where you started. Great job to all of your success. You earned it.

  2. Must be proud moment for Rampage when Hustler willing to do Rampage week for you. 😊

  3. Hi Ethan, I am Hicham from Morocco. Been a follower since day 1, you were key during CoViD but got better every Vlog video.
    Wanted to ask if you (and your Vlogger buddies) would be interested in doing an overseas trip to the other side of the world. Try new experiences. We just had a WSOP even in Marrakech a couple weeks ago, but others events are coming.

    We would love to have you, you have many fans here ….

  4. I made it past day 1 in the tournament yesterday, day two picks up tomorrow wish me luck hopefully I can get some of that run good

  5. the best part of the week was when you stared down the camera after you folded what would have been the nuts 🤣

  6. Very entertaining commentary. Appreciate that!
    Did you ever think of checking back und losing a small pot instead of punting it everytime?
    It don’t get easier, if your opponents can watch your videos and know that you never give up and overbet 100% the river when weak

  7. Two-pair K4 vs Two-pair 5-4 was a big loss. Most people would have the same thought process and call the all-in as well.

    Folding trip-7s was a bad fold given the reasonable price to showdown.

  8. Keep grinding champ, a lot of haters, only means your going in the right direction 💪🏻 ups and downs, that’s life. Keep your head up 👊🏼💥🏅

  9. I like watching rampage defo my fav poker vlogger but sometimes you need a break. You get caught up on the gamble and less about the actual game.

  10. I would intentionally punt my stack to seat to my left if in Rampage’s position for this session, like over and over, feels extremely +EV for some reason

  11. Videos have been nonstop entertaining. Win or lose love the content. Been a fan for a long time, and the quality continues to increase with every new video.

  12. Always love to watch you bluff. But it’s too often as you can’t help it =)

  13. You’re pretty lucky this YouTube channel keeps you in the streets, and the fact you’ve been lucky and binked a few tournaments. You really shouldn’t be playing this high of stakes but to each his own

  14. Great content bro 💯💯. Love your vlogs, I enjoyed every bit of your game , win or lose , it’s always entertaining to watch. I haven’t been to a casino in ages but thankfully I’ve been having a Solid Winning Streak in a couple of Online Tourneys. Won a sweet pot of $25k yesterday

    1. I’ve always wanted to bag some money from Online tourneys. How can I get in?

  15. YOU GOT BALLS DUDE! Realy nice waching you play! Keep playing your game man!

  16. Always a very entertaining play stay, everyone hating I’m sure enjoys the high variance plays – whether optimal or not, fun to watch. Not interested in watching conservative grinders.

  17. I had a feeling this wasnt gonna end well after you mentioned drinks involvdd

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