Ivey the GOAT, WSOP On GG & Bahamas, Crazy Tropicana Stream – DAT Poker Pod Ep #145

0:00 Intro, 6 Year Anniversary!
02:00 Triton Series, Ivey the GOAT
15:30 GG Online – Playing from Vancouver!
24:30 WSOP In Paradise
28:21 Daniel crashes a college home game
35:20 Home shopping at Lake
42:00 High Stakes S11
46:33 The Stunning Tropicana Stream
51:20 Craziest things you've seen
56:30 Twitter Topics

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Ivey the GOAT, WSOP On GG & Bahamas, Crazy Tropicana Stream – DAT Poker Pod Ep #145

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  1. Do you do fantasy fb at all dnegs!? Ive got 4 spots left. Cool perpetual trophy and cash for winner

  2. You should make a video on what Phil Ivey does that makes him so good! I think he’s the GOAT too and he’s mastered the art of unpredictability and usually makes very solid reads, but I’m curious how he makes his style work. I remember when you did the interview with him on your podcast he said he’s never used solvers or done any of the GTO stuff online.

  3. Daniel, you gotta realize that to those kids, you’re their Tiger Woods…Kobe Bryant…Tom Brady. Think of your childhood idle. Whether it was Gretzky or some Maple Leaf coming to your house. You’re that guy to them. Kudos to you for making their dream come true!

    1. Phil Ivey would be Tiger woods and Daniel would be Phil Mickelson. I think Daniel would agree

    2. @@mattm97Phil has somewhat transformed into a villain over the last several days due to joining LIV and his overall F you attitude to those that oppose his views so I don’t think that’s a great golf comparison. I think a better comparison would be Rory because of him still competing at the highest level as well as working with the operators directly to help other players

    1. He only did it ONCE or twice because of the WSOP Player of the Year points. He hated the casino. His wife baled on him.

  4. It cost Daniel a million dollars to realise GTO doesn’t work in live poker 😂

  5. So happy that Dan went to play with the college students! I would love to play with such a poker god! hats off to you Daniel

  6. My craziest thing was a 7 card straight flush. Over 4 million to 1.

  7. Idk if any one other than Daniel would do something like this. Kudos to you Negz!

  8. I’m so glad Dnegs is off the GTO bandwagon. He’s got a real chance to beat Doug now.

  9. So from what you said on Nick’s pod, you film and then you send all of the content to Korea for editing and Christian, another editor? then judges whether it goes here for public viewing or do you actually watch the edited version first before you allow it to go online, just curious thanks

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