I’ve Got ROYAL FLUSH Draw, They Get Punished Raising!! Totally NUTS LA Poker!! Poker Vlog Ep 256

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I've Got ROYAL FLUSH Draw, They Get Punished Raising!! Totally NUTS LA Poker!! Ep 256

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    1. Your Mondays must be boring repeats if you think brads vids help 😄 🤣 😂

    2. Hell yes DJ MMZ! I had to wait for after work, but I got rid of my case of the Mondays

  1. Me: “There’s no way Brad can introduce medieval facts into his poker vlog”

    Brad: “unlike Henry the 8ths 2nd and 5th wives this won’t end with a chop.”

    Me: surprised pikachu face

    Love ya work Brad 😂❤

  2. I love that you come into the WPT final 6 with your goofy outro wave! Good for you, Brad.

  3. Brad you forgot to get all of us to help the sweat with Hao by hitting the like button. You always have an entertaining video. Thanks!!!

  4. I can’t wait for the next episode, congratulations Brad! You’ve got many more accomplishments to come

  5. Great meeting you Brad! The picture was worth the $1500 I lost that day. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one getting wrecked that day 😆

  6. An old school, mid stakes vlog with camera drops, friendly sweats and misunderstood checks. Was a great time meeting you @ the $600 sat & busting Neeme! 5k was brutal! Hopefully I’ll see you down under…

  7. Way to go Brad. Can’t help but think how proud your father is looking down upon you watching you play that WPT final table.

  8. What a sick sense of humor! I love it!😂 Great vlog. Thanks for sharing. GOOD LUCK!

  9. Thanks so much as always for making a tremendous impact on the game we love! Congratulations on making your biggest tourney score and final tabling the WPT Main Event!

  10. This is a PERFECT Brad Owen video. How could you not love this guy? Congratulations are most deserved for this amazing journey! 🍻

  11. I was not ready for the Henry joke xD. Great vlog, killin it once again Brad!

  12. Loved watching the WPT run! Congratulations!!!! The guy who woooo’d you when they announced you sounded like my woooo, but in the words of shaggy… It wasn’t me

  13. As a Dodgers fan myself…Roland just displayed the purest form of love and respect! Rats off to ya!

  14. I love the light mood you keep even when you’re getting screwed! Makes your videos so fricken funny. Keep up the great content!

  15. I’ve about stepped to the next level for myself in poker play in the last couple weeks and it’s been a lot due to your videos brad, we appreciate you!

  16. Great running into you at the bar in Manhattan Beach Brad! Thanks for being such a cool, down-to-earth guy and not minding that briefly interrupted your drinks!

  17. Brad awesome content I didn’t get a table with you in the meet up game but did get to meet you and Andrew in the bar after. Thank you both for being very cool and hanging out with a couple of aspiring grinders.

  18. This was a fun video. The beginning was soooo brutal for Brad lol, every time he raised someone would push all in. No one took it easy on poor Brad. But the ending was so cool, can’t wait to watch the final table video. Love this channel

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