I’ve Got $20,000+ In Front Of Me And Never Ever Leaving!! Poker Vlog Ep 202

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I've Got $20,000+ In Front Of Me And Never Ever Leaving!! Ep 202

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  1. Great Monday when my lunch is filled with my favorite poker Vloggers! #bradrocks!

  2. We are BACK at the table, luckily with our boy Brad Owen. Love all the content you’re pumping out mate.

  3. Your strength and courage impress me. No way I would try to one hand carry two racks of chips.

    1. It’s a win win for him. He does it successfully and he looks like a beast. He fails and it make a great clip since he’s recording it.

  4. Love your videos man, keep doing what you’re doing. I suggest everyone else turns the 🔔 on too👍🏼💪🏼

  5. Fold that 72 river Brad! You’re up and doing well. Lodge is going good for the crew though, keep on rocking it.

  6. That was good of you to mention at the end that you are making a lot of money outside of playing poker and that you are working within an acceptable budget.

  7. I don’t normally watch poker, but I gotta say I’ve been watching you for some time and I really enjoy watching Brad’s vids! keep up the good work

  8. Brad, info for you to know, you way often just call a bluff catcher tbh, this cost you so much every time, ofc its easy to say for me while seeing the cards but with a pair of duces you pretty much beat nothing then a bluff and Jimmy’s range would be easily up from 55`s to JJ with them bets … rethink some of your games mate and good luck

  9. You’re doing so good abd staying level headed even with the ups and downs. Congrats – 2022 will be your year. Also nice to see the kitty !!

  10. Great episode. Been watching since beginning and am really happy to see, what appears to be, a genuinely nice person reap loads of success in such a you competitive environment in your endeavors. Cheers

  11. Man brad…I have been watching you so long its just amazing to see your growth man! I can hear the improvements in your poker theory and logic. Im glad you started playing at the lodge too man, it is really making you better. Thank you for your scarface of time to make these vids because you are actually giving us free coaching. Thanks again bro!

  12. Dude I feel crushed losing 100-600 dollars at the casino, and you’re out there battling when down 5k+ HUGE inspiration to keep playing poker. Thanks for the upload Brad!

  13. great video. Was sweating it a little for you. I was also worried about the cat, glad its back. It puts the home touch back. Keep up the great work. Love it.

  14. Brad, love the vlogs as always, but we want to sweat with you like the old days! Please bring back hiding the tables hands 🥺

  15. I like your honesty. Putting out quality videos is not a free ride as a ton of time and work goes into that. It’s really just a service to us, and a tribute to the poker community.

  16. Thank you for talking about bankroll management at the end! Too many players who aren’t disciplined and/or knowledgeable about bankroll management make some really big mistakes when it comes to taking shots at larger games with money they can’t actually afford to lose.

    Great vlog as always!

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