IS THIS The BIGGEST BLUFF In Poker TV History?! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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IS THIS The BIGGEST BLUFF In Poker TV History?! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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  1. Being that you’re only repping one hand (AK) makes it one of the best bluffs ever. Credit to rampage for not letting the stakes stop him from making this play.

    1. Well it’s not a lot of his money. So easier to bluff and not sure worth it. But hey it worked.

    2. Regardless of how credible the line is, it’s still a very bad fold by Hans. Probably one of the worst I’ve seen

    3. @@user-es9ny7ip3x what? AK would take the exact same line, and rampages range is uncapped preflop. Why would you say that?

  2. Congratulations on booking a profit. You made your backers money and you did great. Now anyone else can feel that staking you will be a great investment, and you can be backed more often.

  3. From grinding 1/2 to shipping $600k on a brilliant bluff… Amazing story arc.

    Also, how does Handz always get put in the blender.

    1. Got put in the blender against Perkins when perkins wasn’t even in the building on the lodge stream lol

    2. Because he is awful. Every one of his tough spots are self imposed. Like flatting multi-way with Pocket queens. He deserved that. Lol

    3. Bro how you goona pass on the opportunity to yell at Tony g to go get his trike and ride the hell outa here?!?!?

    4. He was staked for half of his million dollar stack. So he only got to keep half of the 560k he won, still. Not bad for a days work. I love rampages story. Started from the bottom, now we hear. I like him better than Stanley, Stanley just created a stupid app. Lucked out and made a billion. Food delivery has been around since forever. Even grocery deliver was around in the 1950s. They just used to use phones. Stanley just made an app that streamlined it. All in phone app. Anyone can make an app and luck out, I know someone who made a phone app and sold it to Microsoft for 6 million. Back in the old days where the sidekick was around and the iPhone 1 just came out. In the infancy stages of smart phones. Stanley got lucky.

  4. This was a legendary stream man. Thanks for making me $100 lol!
    I staked you just for a good sweat (although I did feel it was slightly +EV ngl) and watching the 1st few games I didn’t think I’d get a sweat at all but let me tell you…. When you put it all on the line like that you gave me a fucking sweat lmao

    1. @@sakkattakk7408 stake kings. even though he charged no markup there was still a 5% fee so i wouldn’t really recommend staking on there _ever_ for anything besides a 0 markup cashgame where the player has a good history. 5% might not seem like a lot but the player needs over a 5% return (i think 10% but i might be wrong) for it to be profitable long term.

  5. Can’t imagine what the people who bought pieces of you were thinking during the A7 hand lmao

  6. Been waiting for this so god damn long!! i knew you’re were going to kill it.

  7. Have struggled with my “lack of aggression” playing low stakes until I watched several of your video’s.. Quickly saw that I had been playing too high of stakes, which kept me from following thru with C bets and occasional bluffs. By dropping down in stakes, my win rate went up almost immediately! Really admire how humble you are at the tables too, there are some large Ego’s (clear my throat…Hellmuth) who is so awkward to watch! Also looks like the Poker Community has welcomed you in,!!!

    1. It definitely helps going down in stakes to make good plays but if your bankroll permits doing the same thing in bigger stakes would yield the same results

  8. Been watching you for a while now and got emotional on that river bluff. What heart. Amazing.

  9. Dude rampage you are a sick sick man! By far my favorite streamer 13:22 absolutely insane absolutely a great great poker player!

  10. can’t believe this guy went from playing 1–2 to running a $1.1 million Bluff……insane!!

    1. dont be naive enough to think thats his own 1.5 million he sat down with, still though, you right. major props

    2. @@wesm1332 I know he had steaks out on state, kings and percentages from other people, and still doesn’t take the fact away from the block that he made

  11. That first hand with Tony reminds me of a hand that I lost but nobody raises pre flop. I was SB with J7 lost to JQ. Trips v trips. The limping in by the other guy got me.

  12. Amazing to see how far you have come, great example that anything is possible, keep it up.

  13. That was a crazy bluff. I can’t believe that worked. Amazing video and working through your thought process. Your explain everything so well. You are awesome.

    1. What’s even crazier is that this is a cash game ( I thought this was a tournament). Even crazier bluff and it makes more sense why it worked.

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