Is This How Expert Poker Players Play a Set? | World Series of Poker Main Event

tumbled a set at the Centerpiece last table versus ; here's how he attempted getting the optimum worth out of this effective hand!

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Is This How Expert Players Play a Set? | World Series of Main Event

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  1. what happened to these GTO robots? they always bet so small on flop
    you knew you’re getting called as a 30bb stack pre, you should consider betting bigger there to get value

    1. So, you’re saying you want to get exploited by world class players? The main event has a 2 hour blind structure. Stack conservation is key. A bet of 1/3 or 1/4 basically gives you the same information as a 1/2 pot sizing, and you have to succeed way less to make it profitable. The smaller sizings allows you to fire at a higher frequency, which means you can add more hands into your range. By keeping your range more open, you’re adding more bluff combos going to the river. He played it superbly

    2. @IamMattDamon I learned more in that paragraph than 3 hours of a poker vlogger trying to explain the dynamics of a deep run tournament play. I’ve been trying to find out how to play on this level but can’t get out of the huge opening bets and 3/4 pot size bets with top pair on the flop.

    3. @Matthew Hernandez Sounds like you need to get comfortable with more post flop play, and maybe start opening up your 3 bet range from certain positions. If you call too much, you are very easy to play against. By using larger preflop and postflop sizes you are discouraging action from the type of hands you want action from. You are not supposed to cash every single tournament, and your overall goal is to put you at a stack size where you can win the entire thing.

      Get comfortable with discomfort. Put youself in spots you have not been before. Learn how to navigate certain board textures, and when board textures favors your hand vs their hand. I am not talking blind aggression here, but aggressive poker is winning poker. Bad players at smaller stakes will not learn you much in regards to play at a higher level. Against weaker players I tend to play more of an exploitative style (search it up on Youtube).

      I have a focus on staying balanced (range vs bet size) and keeping a fluid style of play. The table sort of dictates how I am going to play. Practice with smaller sizes in MTTs when the antes kick in (pre- and postflop). Let us say you’ve gotten to the turn and you have the betting lead. Your opponent checks to you on a safe/blank, or a card that favors your hand. Here, I would sometimes polarize my range by betting very large (full pot -> 1.25 + x pot) to mix things up. This will make your opponent feel like you are attacking their entire stack. Your hand does not really matter, but if you’re bluffing you should ideally do it with hands where you some outs in case you get called. You are the one pushing the envelope here, forcing them to react to you. A coach of mine once told me to bet the smallest amount you can in order to apply pressure to their entire stack. This will put others in an extremely uncomfortable spot.

      Learn how to spot the weaker players and exploit their flaws. I.e if someone likes calling too much I would start 3 betting larger, or squeeze a bit more often whenever they call. Then I would just play my range -> c-bet small -> bomb turn if the board favors me. You are exploiting the fact that they are too happy to call, so put them in a spot that makes their life miserable.

      Finally, I would discuss hands, lines, bluffing, shoving ranges etc with friends, other players, or on forums.

      Hopefully this helps! TLDR; advice from someone who have played MTTs for 20+ years.

  2. Perfect bet sizing to string Jorstad along. The board was so perfect to get max value. Nh.

  3. Not a huge fan of check turn and would have check raise bigger but still very well played

    1. @Jeffrey Feng I dream to do so. Waiting until then, I’m watching some videos. When I was young my dream was to be an actor but I never played in a film. But still, I think that Ben Affleck was a terrible Daredevil, Can I Say that?

  4. If you watch DNeg vlogs long enough you realize there’s no textbook or “perfect” way to play flopped sets. There’s too many variables. He constantly says he “sometimes does this, sometimes does that” based on position, stacks, table rep etc etc.

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  6. The only issue I have with how the set of 4s played his hand…was his mid-raise on the turn. I’d have raised it to at least 10 mil (too many draws out there). However I love his value bet on the river.

  7. Farnes has Zero capability or heart to bluff this far in the main. Easy fold to any aggression from him

  8. got lucky badly played rainbow flop, no straight check and call and set up gor big brt later

  9. Hate when he shows one card at a time. Knows he has the winning hand, yet decides to show one card with each hand, one at a time

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