Is Matt Berkey a Poker Bluff GOD?

Matt Berkey and Brandon Adams square off in a bomb pot on No Gamble No Future leading to a wild bluff effort!

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Is Matt Berkey a Poker Bluff GOD?

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    1. That is a terrible fold. Aggresive players love passive poker players they are free income​@@BigBoss1979.

    2. 10k to win 17k… if you are not folding top set at least 42% of the time, you are losing money… and out of all the boards you could possible call on, this is one of the worse.

    1. people don’t have to sit in silence during a poker game unless you like truly miserable games.

    2. @@tommyfu9271 not when it’s a big pot and they are talking about the pot that might influence the villain decision . But I don’t expect recreational fish like u to understand

    3. @@TheLuozhixiang hahahaha hahahaha

      Oh looks a guy who thinks he’s a super pro who needs total silence in a hand hahahah

    4. @@tommyfu9271 your mom was screaming too last night when I demanded silence

    5. @@TheLuozhixiang That goes out the window when Adams starts chatting and immediately shows his hand to everyone on the river.

  1. Dude I’m calling no matter what – top trips on the board. I’ll go down swinging

    1. @@elioelio3414 both are actually correct. all sets are trips not all trips are sets.

  2. Did Brandon go broke on fantasy sports or something that’s never a fold.

  3. I actually like the fold. Adams doesn’t have that much invested, meaning he has to be right a lot of the time. The problem is so many people saw the flop, Berkey could easily have a flush there.

  4. Has what? $3,500 invested. $10,000 to win $17,700. 😂 dawg take the pot it’s ok. Easy fold.

  5. Horrible play. Why check the turn? He gave the other guy a free card to make a flush.

  6. As Airball called clock Berkey smiled for the first time in the hand, I’ll leave it there..

  7. The way to counter the type of players that put you in tough overbet spots on river is betting small turn. Works out better in long haul even if you miss out on the bluff catching spots. It’s just so tough to face those over bets

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