Is back? In this video I dive deep into all elements of and why it's making a comeback.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Limitation
2:30 Sizing
3:15 Securing Your Variety
4:00 Example
5:25 When to Examine Raise
7:10 Texture & Stack Depth
8:55 Preventing Inspect Raises
11:00 3 Bet Flops?
12:00 Low Paired Boards
13:15 Battle or Flight?
16:03 Example
17:55 Kings
18:45 Example
20:25 Jesse Lonis
20:40 Material Evaluation and Conclusion

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  1. Over c/r players rarely can defend v turn barrels the times they just call. Hoping Daniel points this out.

  2. Hope to see you in Toronto. Haven’t been in a Casino in years, but for the 3 hour drive going to see how I do in a couple of the tournaments.

  3. Another excellent vid! When are you coming out with another book Daniel?

  4. Great video as always Daniel. I can never fold top pair w/big kicker after the flop. How often do you muck in that spot?

  5. Great video, and appreciate sorting out the lighting issue. Great content as always.
    I like the CR at the low stakes bounty tournaments I play because the weak loose aggressive players there which make up the bulk it seems see it as a challenge and will regularly dump the entire stack in with only top pair… which makes me playing most trips, 2 pair, and some combo flush/straight hand plenty of bounties. Like everything though – do it too often and it becomes exploitable.


  6. Great video! Big blind can’t check raise though but outside of that, video is so good.

  7. Love the mention of limit. You and I played a few times in the 90s in Toronto, underground clubs – where every other club owner’s name was Sam. Simpler times and even simpler opponents. 😉

  8. Got a freeroll tourney coming up on Saturday which should have a mix of a bunch of different player types, this is very useful info

  9. Great video. When you can explain a complex topic in simple language, that is sign of a great mind…..think Richard Feynman

  10. How do you apply this to cash games? Is it worth fighting for the pot as much when time is on your side and blinds stay the same?

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