Is Ace-Queen More Trouble Than It’s Worth? [TOUGH SPOT]

got ace-king in a massive No Gamble, No Future video game hand and he's up versus ace-queen. Can his opponent eliminate his hand?

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Is Ace-Queen More Trouble Than It's Worth? [TOUGH SPOT]

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this show. Seems like an excuse for degenerate guys with tons of money to just make stupid plays. The commentators are very mediocre as well.

  2. Please let editors know, that we don’t need To see commentators talk. As view on smart phone doesn’t show card action well on viewing of videos

  3. Taking hole cards AQ and KQ unsuited into a big 4-way pot. Yeah, that’s really smart. Is this amateur hour? I see donks online playing this way. As if someone isn’t sitting there with pocket hole cards, a flush draw, and just about anything that can make you lose a lot of money.

    1. Unless the three bettor is Keating, have you never watched him play? He’s 3 betting all kinds of junk. AQo is a call all day, KQo is close, Q10 is obvious fold. Big cards that make top pair top kicker are so valuable against maniacs like him.

  4. High stakes poker the Jobbers edition. JRB just hunts for rich fish and he’s still a dog in this game.

    1. Ya shove turn especially against Keating, his range is so wide and if he has any draw he’s calling. Given the SPR its unlikely Keating bets the river if he was bluffing and probably check folds with Velasco only having 20k left and already putting in 60k. If they were deeper his line is fine.

  5. hahah calls $40k on turn in massive pot not thinking the $20k wouldn’t go in on the river

  6. I don’t know – this one’s just a cooler – really hard to get away from AQ on that board – especially against an uber aggressive player like Keating.

  7. How do you bet 2/3rd of your stack on the turn making the pot enormous and not expect to get everything in? Just go all in on the turn???

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