Insane Turn Card Gives Both Players a Full House!

The PGT Pot Limitation Omaha Series created some outright killer hands including this one!

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Insane Turn Card Gives Both Players a Full House!

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    1. It is Omaha. You get 4 hole cards. Board and betting rounds are same as Holdem, but you must use 2 of your hole cards, no more, no less.

      So getting dealt 4 Kings isn’t as great as it might look.

      Also, Omaha is often played at pot limit rather than no limit.

  1. I thought you need to play 2 cards? How can you make quads by only playing one card in PLO?

    1. In plo you can have quads with 3 of them on the board because you can use any other card to make your quad hand

    2. All hands are 5 card hands, quads, pairs, everything. He played one 5 from his hand and three from the board.
      (Maybe overkill explanation now but 🤷‍♂️)

  2. This isn’t the rarity I imagine when I clicked on this. Omaha is a much better game to play than watch imo.
    Although I guess I feel the same way about Hold Em, Stud or any other poker game. 😂

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