INSANE ROLLER COASTER SESSION! Luck Boxing with a 4! | Poker Vlog #402

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INSANE ROLLER COASTER SESSION! Luck Boxing with a 4! | Poker #402

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  1. Great day just keeps getting better! I patiently wait for every vlog and you never disappoint!

  2. Hi buddy Rampage, just followed your Tweets. Congratulations on your new place in Vegas and this just beginning of your poker journey.

  3. Hey Rampage I work at a poker place in Houston called Bluff Station Social we are having the grand opening this weekend with a 2500$ free roll on Friday and a 5000$ free roll on Saturday as well! Everyone is welcome to come participate we are anticipating a much bigger prize pool than those. We will also have tons of cash games as well. Would be super cool to see you! Ive always wanted to play against you!

    1. Right I’m surprised he doesn’t have a poker table and run Private poker games yet

  4. Where can I buy that deck from the K4 hand? Looks like a high quality deck!

  5. Love the creativity of “Napkin Hold’em” at the end but still think it would be better if you used a real deck of cards, you could get a decent deck for a $1 at Wal-Mart (Deck is called: Maverick). Entertaining as always, you have come a long way and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Are you planning on playing the WSOP Main Event in July in Vegas, and if so, will you be recording it for us to watch?

  6. Love your vids man. Got me into poker! Any idea when card protectors will be back in stock? Playing in a WPT Open event at Golden Nugget and would love to take it there.

  7. The freeroll will be at 2 am in Germany but I will be there thanks for the opportunity

  8. Would love the free rolls to be on a Friday or at a time where the guys in the UK can access!

  9. Nice! The long awaited return of the napkin hand! Wish I could join the game tonight but I’ll be driving. Hoping to play poker again someday but hurt out of work for a year and no pay for 5 months kinda kills the bankroll. Keep the vids comin, living vicariously through them!

  10. You are my go to video to watch over my lunch break. I’ll actually be playing poker tonight so I won’t be able to watch your video later

  11. On the start of this session, we’ve all been there. Thanks for an open view into how things can sometimes go. Thanks for producing quality vids. Greatly appreciated!

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