INSANE High Stakes Poker In VEGAS! Facing a $6,000 Bet With QUEENS | Poker Vlog #419

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INSANE High Stakes Poker In VEGAS! Facing a $6,000 Bet With QUEENS | #419

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    1. I think with the line rampage took with QQ it was played correctly other than not raising turn.

    2. @Edward Kain you can flat queens a certain percentage of the time.

      That river is a 100% call live, tough call online. People tend to overplay AK live, so it’s more like you lose to 6 AA, 6 KK, 3 JJ, and beat 12 AJ and another 50-70% of the AK that plays that way, which is another 6-8 combos, plus random sprinkled bluffs.

      The way you rationalize the slow play call with QQ is if they had AA or KK and you had 4b, the money would have went in anyways, you just got to see a good runout with his bluffs still in the hand.

      So it’s a call

  1. Great vlog. The fold with QQ is fine. It’s so rare that an opponent shows up with a bluff in that spot that, even one one does, it is still a spot you can’t overfold (unless you are against an absolute crusher).

  2. Nice run brother! After watching that downswing I’m glad to see you’re crushing it and on that upswing 📈Best of luck from 1 grinder to another. Especially from Boston! We will have to catch up during the WSOP. ✌️

  3. That’s some run good there! Tough fold on those QQ, I thought you would snap call and lose but you thought thru it and found the fold button. Hindsight is always 20/20, probably a good fold in the long run. Keep up the hard work, appreciate you man!

    1. Even though he lost, I think the fact he folded there shows how much he’s improved over the last year or so. 2 years ago he’s snap and lose (probably more often than not).

    2. @Hyde and Seek I’ve been watching for 2 years or so, and there’s been a marked improvement over the last year. Maybe more exponentially recently. yes 🤣

  4. You never gave yourself a chance to see where you were at preflop or flop, so folding the queens was the correct play for all reasons stated, first time in a while we’ve seen you actually care about the money, lol, you needed that good run 😎

  5. You played strong and smart. On your Queens hand, I thought he had a small pocket pair that he made a set out of.

  6. The QQ hand smelled like a bluff all the way. I think you were right with your first assessment. If he had AA, KK, JJ he would’ve known he was way ahead and would’ve tried to let you catch up. Think long – think wrong. Great vid like always 👌

  7. That’s a hell of a bluff with eights. I’ve never played quite that big, but I’ve found that getting people to fold overpairs is extremely difficult.

  8. 3:55 Is double blocking 89 in that spot really relevant when the only combo that makes sense is 98ss? Villian probably never has it after the min-3b from the BB. Ethan in that spot can but it’s literally one combo of a relatively wide range. Not saying the bluff is bad, just don’t agree that the blockers matter.

  9. I think that’s an easy fold with QQ there given how that hand progressed. To me that hand screamed pocket 4s or pocket 5s, which is what he’ll show up with more often than a bluff in that spot.

  10. Hell yeah ethan!!! Happy to see you running hot 🔥 great video! ♠️♥️♦️♣️

  11. Good work and well played! Not that it matters, but I would have folded QQ there as well. Sometimes it just makes sense to fold a monster when faced with that amount of sheer aggression. It wasn’t anywhere close to the nuts, so might as well not get greedy and protect your stack, especially when you feel confident that you will find other spots.

  12. This run good was like when he was here at Maryland Live and a tournament he played in and was on a Sun run there as well. Fun video to watch !

  13. Now that is an OUTSTANDING RUN GOOD!!! Those Q’s even though are/could be a tough call make really should’ve been an easy one to make. What made it so hard is the longer you think on it the easier it is to talk yourself out of making the call which is exactly what you did there. Remember how the ole saying goes: think long, think wrong. You also seemed (key word here is SEEMED) to do a no, no because you were so far up in chips, remember don’t be counting those chips while you’re still at the table playing, they’re just chips and nothing more, they don’t turn into any kind of profits or losses until you leave the table. Here are my theories: Plan for the worst and hope for the best i.e., never play more than what you can afford to lose. Go in knowing you’re going to win, a winning attitude is more important than you will know to be successful, well that and some lady luck on your side. Don’t let other players at the table luck and attitudes get to you, just keep a clam cool head about you and don’t allow yourself to go on tilt. Remember you’re going to have your good nights and your bad ones, enjoy the good ones while you can and ride that horse till it bucks you off and when it does get back up on him and ride it again. Don’t let the bad nights get to you but use them as a learning experience. One last point a good attitude to go with that winning one will take you a long way in this game, agreed? You have a good, safe and blessed day out there today and good luck at those tables!!!

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