It's Day 2 of the $1,500 HORSE Occasion and we play what may be the craziest hand I've ever been a part of.

0:00 Drive In
4:25 Flip Time
8:25 Back in There
8:58 Hellmuth and Matusow
10:35 1
15:15 2
23:19 Hand Breakdown 3
27:42 Letting it Out
32:55 Bag time?

Introduction Song:
Nbhd Nick – Excellent Pass Away Young

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  1. Daniel, your Stacked game on PS2 taught me how to play poker and was a source of great comfort in a tough, lonely summer when I moved to a new country and hadn’t made friends.

    Thanks, mate! And best of luck!

  2. The only way this run bad is gonna end is if you shave the hipster beard down to a soul patch and learn to play the saxophone over the next week.

  3. i really enjoy your content Daniel — every day i look forward to your vlog — and your blog is great too. good luck .

  4. Green light was quick today! Rampart and Alta got their act together 🤣

  5. Your wsop vlogs are the best, doesn’t matter if you win or lose for some reason it’s very entertaining and fun looking forward to the next one

  6. D Negs you’re still one of the greats. Keep the grind on. One big win makes this all worth it. Thanks for the content.

  7. I once lost a 2-7 hand with 7-6-5-4-2 to 7-6-4-3-2 AND 7-5-4-3-2… I couldn’t believe it. If you play triple draw enough you’ll see these hands once in a while, but how often do you see #1, #2 and #3 in the same hand?

  8. Thanks Daniel once again for your daily update. Looking forward to seeing your journey the rest of the way out this year. Best of luck.

  9. I’m truly amazed at your honesty on the plays. I can’t even imagine going down that far and still being that straight afterwards. But it’s the difference from a pro and a guy who just likes to watch it. You definitely have your systems worked out and know what you can do. Just getting the cards to set it up for big wins.

  10. It would be crazy if Daniel make the final table in main event this year after crazy struggle through beginning of July ,…. .

  11. After all these years it’s still enjoyable watching Daniel and Josh playing at such a high level. They were definitely people that I loved to watch when the poker boom happened

  12. Days like you’ve had I always watch “The Definitive Winnebago Man” on YouTube and by the end I’m laughing and in comfort knowing that we have all been there

  13. Hand breakdown 2 is amazing. One of the most fun hands ever both from your perspective and when we see the cards up, sweetest 3/4’s ever!😎

  14. It seems like this year you’re pursuing many multi-way HIGH variance spots, regardless WERE rooting for you DANIEL!

  15. I already knew that allin flip was going to not go your way. The Helmuth hand is such a Phil thing to do and try to say he was right. Crazy to hit back to back 6s allin of course. Insane to win that hand in BigO. Cant wait to see Mike in the new shirts! Its about time you took that bracelet off!!! Thanks for another great vlog Daniel.

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