Insane Full House vs Full House at WSOP Main Event Final Table!

Michael Mizrachi and Matt Jarvis clash in one of the most impressive poker hands in WSOP Main Event final table history!

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Insane Full House vs Full House at WSOP Main Event Final Table!

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  1. Seen this hand so many times and still get goosebumps! What a rollercoaster of a run out!

  2. Exactly identical to the Moneymaker vs Ivey hand 7 years earlier, except the overcard (6 vs 8) and both players were all in on the turn, vs pre flop here. And different suits obviously but the hole cards were the same (AQ vs 99) and the board was Q, over, Q, 9, A. The ace was the As both times too.

    1. Been a a table where AA vs AQ, flop A 10 Q turn Q river Q top boat loses to runner runner quads

    2. @@nickmccallum1265fuck dude, I’d drive home slow af after that beat just contemplating wtf just happened lol

    3. ​@@nickmccallum1265 I just literally witnessed in the Main Event Quad aces and Royal flush hit both on the river with the Ace of diamonds..

  3. Almost identical to the Moneymaker/Ivey hand except Ivey peeled one off to hit his 99s full of Queens on the turn then they were both all in and Chris hit the Ace

  4. This one was one of the most epic moments in poker history considering being a televised final table of WSOP🎉🎉🎉

    1. @@lance.da.legend9837 norman chad was very funny till wsop neutered him 😂

    2. @@martinedwards4522 dude had no filter at all..he was he is just as boring as the other commentators

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