Insane All-in vs Pocket Kings for Rick Salomon! [WATCH TILL END]

Rick Salomon and Brandon Steven end up all-in for nearly half a million dollars on High Stakes Poker, but you will not think what occurs next!

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Insane All-in vs Pocket Kings for Rick Salomon! [WATCH TILL END]

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    1. If you hate poker, there’s big possiblity you hate your life. There’s a lot of outcomes we cannot control, learn the stoic philosophy

    1. He’s ahead of AK and Brandon sure could have AK there…. huge limp 3 bet to push out middling pairs… Obv put him on that hand.

    2. ​@@the40yearoldgamer41and he’s behind all the over pairs, he just got lucky this hand, end of story lol.

    3. @@flamesnow8689 Yes, I agree, he got very lucky. However, if you think all “overpairs” are playing that line then something is wrong with your game theory understanding. 99, TT, JJ are certainly not limp 3 betting a huge portion of their stack… I don’t think QQ would either but maybe. It’s either AA, KK, or AK and AK is the most common among them. Also flat shoving AK on that board heads up is pretty standard with those pot to stack ratios and against Solomon who could have anything including a weaker AQ or AJ suited type hand. Bad play indeed but not the “no brains” indicated. Watch him play these high stakes games over the last 10 years and he clearly shows he’s a winning player, not to mention, already rich from his career.

  1. I heard a lot of pros saying that Salomon is the player they fear the most. He definitely makes the show better to watch

    1. Almost every time I see him playing he is crushing, so I don’t think they are lying. Pros fear him because he is so high variance. Pros like nice easy straight forward fish, not aggro loose cannons.

    2. ​@@bakerd122Sounds like I can make you my betch with nine seven suited, lol

    3. @@usernamesrlamo we literally just saw him flat a massive 4 bet for half the effective stacks with just a 97s then snap call middle pair vs a flop shove for nearly pot. “crushing”. youtube comments under videos like these are proof poker is alive and well

    1. But Rick won’t get far playing that way in the Long run….that’s the argument

    2. Pretty sure Salomon is one of the biggest winners in the game, but that’s mostly because of the private games he’s in.@@misspetit

    3. What kind of idiotic nonsense is this? Yes, one hand dictates that poker is “mostly luck” over many years. Way to think that one through.

  2. Shows again these are not professional poker players. Just a bunch of businessman.

  3. Man I hate seeing terrible play be rewarded so handsomely. That’s poker, I guess..

    1. @@kananfarzali1806 I fully disagree. Take away every fish in the poker world and you’ll still see the game very much alive, and everywhere.

  4. Should have raised higher with Kings for those idiot cards to not even see a flop. I know you want action but you don’t have the NUTS which is ACEs….Steven’s should have raised at least 25K or 3 betted Kings.

    1. This is a horrible take. When you have way the best of it, your goal is not to drive the other players out of hand but rather extract value. I would almost argue that Brandon’s preflop action of reraising to $73K was too much…..and he still got a call….

      Edit: Also what are you talking about? Did you watch the video? He did 3 bet and he made a huge 3 bet.

  5. Brad stevens runs so ridiculously bad it’s insane. I swear I’ve seen him get bad beats in these big games all the time

  6. He put in $73K with that hand preflop with Brandon only having $140K behind after. Jesus this is so bad, at least I could somewhat rationalize it if Brandon had $700K behind and you had the chance of winning all of that.

  7. This is a case of a pro trapping a whale perfectly but getting extremely unlucky.

    1. Brandon Steven is the pro and Solomon is the whale in this situation? Lol get real.

  8. He snapped called because he put him on ak and 200 dimes is not much to rick Salomon. One of the most insane cash game players to ever play the game.

  9. Steven is so arrogant this is beautiful…luck over skill all day everyday

  10. If Rick takes more than 6 seconds to make a desicion, someone’s gonna call the clock

  11. All these lucky comments vs . Skill, brains vs. Riches ..just Rick’s math/Money mark..look what’s in the middle Pre when it gets around to him then when he hits the flop with was he supposed to fold to guy that’s got 1/3 his stack behind .

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