INSANE $310,000 Pot vs Phil Ivey and Patrick – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 10

We're back with another hand breakdown from the latest season of airing specifically on . This season we fight versus Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. Here's my handle the hand everybody is speaking about today against Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius.

0:00 Introduction
1:42 Preflop
2:53 Flop
5:14 Turn
10:16 River
13:20 Patrick Fold, Call, or Raise?
14:55 Reacting to Patrick
20:05 Fold or Call?
25:54 Just $100k More
28:45 Did I make the best decision?

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INSANE $310,000 Pot vs Phil Ivey and Patrick – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with 10

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  1. It would be hilarious if Patrick figured out how you would read his raise and consequently figured his bluffing chances were much better.

    1. @Erik Nilsson i dont think you need to put Daniel on exactly 9s to make the play, you need to know he doesnt have pocket queens or tens imo, and tbh apart from when DN said Patrick told him he thought the 5s were good that was how i read the situation

      i think to make the call the call there you either need to have Queens full and know that Phil folded a 10, or have Quads

    2. @robert 10-9 is a snap call there. Daniel had the only hand that Patrick was not beating that would also fold. 9-10, 10 Q and QQ (highly unlikely) are all snap calling

    3. @X JWill So, you are saying you have raised the river with a bottom full thinking someone has a better full house and would fold it?

  2. love these videos man, easy to say I would’ve done THIS or THAT when you’ve never played games outside your own city LOL
    awesome way of analyzing everything and well, Patrick can admit he got away with one there lulz

    1. @J F the would call the turn to not get killed by 9 combos of full house that beat this hand. Also 8 trips TA TK wouldn’t fold and had higher eq

    2. @T G yeah patriks value hands are pretty thin but his bluffs are basically zero. hes never jamming KJ or even calling on the turn against a potsize bet and call. so what are his bluffs? KT? JT? hes probably not doing that in real time.

    3. @T G QTo is probably a fine open from HJ with the ante, but ye prob a bad fold from Dnegs either way

    4. Patrik plays different the whole HSP 2022 season
      Can you discuss this in your podcast?
      I love Patrik
      He gave me some great personal tips btw

  3. Totally agree with you Daniel as when Tom told Patrick that you had 9s full he said “wow”. He obviously overplayed his hand.

    1. @bastianena it’s a mistake because he was targeting AT or a straight to value shove here. However, those are not calling. Therefore, his value shove is only getting called by a better full. He just got lucky that Dnegs had the only other full that can’t call here.

    2. @wuamiller the interesting thing is Patrick is treating Daniel like a bad rec who would call a shove with something like AT or KJcc with this raise.

    3. @wuamiller Sure, my logic is gonna sound backward to Daniel’s salty, giggling toadies. NEVER say NEVER.

    4. @bastianena I don’t even like Daniel. Like Gabe said, if this was a table full of recs, all 3 of them are all-in on the turn

  4. Daniel I just want to say this is so nostalgic and effing awesome to see so many of you HSP old school legends playing high stakes again. I know you’ve heard that a lot already but damn. This is nice!!! Greetings from Finland.

  5. The depth of Daniels ingame analysis: ”Do you have quads?”
    Now we get a 32 min complete range breakdown which all boils down to ”I thought Patrik was a good player”. 😂

    1. @Dreamagain11 a nash equilibrium only holds up in certainty in a heads up game. Research problems with nash equilibriums(gto) in multiway games. There is no way to be 100 percent sure of atleast breaking even in multiway games for many reasons

    2. @randy marker although you are correct,10-5 and QQ were very unlikely and since Ivey had to fold a 10, 10 10 was impossible

    3. @randy marker 6th nuts in general yes. But is patrick open with T9o T5s T5o from that position? Also isn’t it obvious that Ivey had a Tx hand after calling a pot bet on the turn and tanking on the river? Also after Daniel pot bet turn and Ivey call is pretty obvious that one of them at least has a Tx hand,Patrick will fold overpairs on the turn almost every time

    4. @Makis Dimatos Well; realistically speaking, Danny loses mostly to QT, with an off-chance of TT/T9. All things considered, anything between 3 (most likely) to about 8 combos (highly unlikely; starts mostly with Ivey not having a T in the first place) Then again: What else would Danny beat,
      other than a mega-punt with 55, not a (sensible) bluff – but still beats zero hands from Danny`s betting-range, from Patrick? Yes: Somewhat reasonable bluffing-hands, that could help with a call, might be JT/KT/AT, blocking the T. – But: Would Antonius?!

  6. Daniel speaks like no one on the internet agrees with him. I agree with you Daniel ♥️

  7. Phil Ivey is such a good player. He took one look at Daniel and Patrick and just knew. And he was out.

    1. @maliant16 Fr he just got up from the table and said “damn lemme get some snacks” XD

    2. Yes, this is almost overlooked how Phil lost the bare minimum while holding top set. He may be too good for the game. Then yes, he said, something smells good, let me check out the catering. LOL

    3. @mpup54 he turned trip 10’s, not top set. If he had pocket 10’s and then the turn came a 10.. then he would’ve turned top set. He folded trips there.

    4. He knew Patrick was going to take awhile so he was like “good time for snacks”

  8. I’m an absolute amateur, never even hit the tables yet, but you have a way of explaining things so simply that I have yet to find elsewhere on youtube. Thank you for these breakdowns my man. You are doing more for the game than you can know.

  9. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch your hand breakdowns Daniel. It is just as deep and helpful as it is entertaining.

  10. After every one of these breakdowns, I feel my ‘poker brain’ opens up more every time. Such good analysis

    1. I gotta say I agree, other old school pros have let the game pass them by, but Daniel has kept himself up to date and can still compete with the best.

  11. Thanks for the breakdown, this hand has been in my head all day and this video really answered some thoughts. Great video, keep it up!!!

  12. Rounders breakdown of the Daniel/Patrick hand: Gibbs folds his 64 because he knows it’s no good, Daniel forgot Phil folded a ten on 4th street and Patrick is futilely hoping his 5’s hold up

  13. The only thing I would disagree with Daniel on, is that he has previous knowledge of Patrick’s bad habits when playing against weaker player’s. This was the only thing he didn’t take into consideration in this hand. Apart from this played as described.

  14. One thing I remember Doug Polk say is that “sometimes you just get stacked”, it’s poker, it happens. Obviously cash games are a different animal than a tournament and there is 0 room for error because once your money is gone, it’s gone, the opponent can just get up and walk away.

  15. Watching the hand go down on HSP was interesting and unique. I totally understood and liked how you played and it bothered me that you had to fold (ofc it’s easy to say when I can see the hole cards). Only “piece” that was missing in my mind was that how you didn’t (or couldn’t) put him on 5’s and consider a call, and that is answered, he overplayed his hand.

  16. I love seeing the thought process of someone that’s on an elite level. It could be about anything, if you’re elite in an area, it’s interesting and you need to pay attention to that person. Thank you Daniel for this

  17. I think that Patrick factored in two things when deciding to value raise here: Daniel’s call on the flop and him feeling that Daniel considers Patrick to be a good player. Daniel just calling the flop would typically remove T9 and 99 from his range in a 3-way pot. So he would be much more weighted to draws or just Tx hands. With Phil then calling flop and full pot on turn, that removes a chunk of Daniel’s Tx range. When Daniel bets pot on the turn and we (as Patrick) have 55, his nutted range feels so minimal and so much more like draws because of that flop call. So when the Q hits the river and Daniel bets half pot, now in a heads-up spot, it’s reasonable to think that he had KJ or J8 and is looking to get thin value from a T, even though he’s pretty sure Phil folded one. I think that Patrick thinks, in this spot, that Daniel would think Patrick is good enough to now turn his weak Tx hands into bluffs and sometimes pay off with straights, given the price. So while it seems like a possible mistake, I think that Patrick (maybe correctly) doesn’t even think Daniel has a nutted range because of the flop call and that he would not bet full pot on turn with QT, so 55 feels like it’s always the best hand and that Daniel thinks Patrick is good enough to try to bluff KJ or J8 when holding a T.

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