Incredible WSOP Monster Stack Final Table! [Full Highlights]

View this player go bananas and get on the table after winning a huge pot! The final table of the $1,500 Beast Stack provides players an opportunity to turn a little investment into nearly a million dollars and in this video, you will learn how it ended!

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Incredible Monster Stack Final Table! [Full Highlights]

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  1. this guy surely played yugioh and believes in the heart of the cards. that way he could easily summon the 3rd king when needed.

  2. Would that be considered a fold if he put his cards out first. Then chips. He never said call, I believe. Could he call a floor manager on it?

    1. With the AA? He flipped his cards and put chips in at the same time, but even if he didn’t the floor almost would never kill a hand in similar circumstances

    2. @CameraOnDoug all things considered, we all knew he meant to call. But the card hit first then chips but I can understand they would not this bad slid.

  3. I can’t stand the over celebrating when the guy out played you and you got extremely lucky with the 2 outter!!

    1. @VStax I understand that but he was top 2 with a healthy purse either way

    2. @Ramón Castaños here come all the poker pros to criticize the bracelet winner! Enjoying mommy’s basement while typing these comments?!

    3. @Charles Schaeffer let me guess, you are of those players that love to limp and donkbet the flop

    4. Tell me you are a losing poker player without telling me you are a losing poker player

  4. 600x buy in profit, thats kinda hard to come by if you were not playing online tournaments.
    even high rollers they often less than 50x buy in winning

  5. If that table broke and they withheld $100k of his prize to build a new one, that would be pretty hilarious.

  6. I have won smaller tournaments and felt like this!! I can only imagine what i would do if won 1 million

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