IN THE MONEY! Can We Sun Run to a Final Table for WSOP Glory? | Poker Vlog #428

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IN THE MONEY! Can We Sun Run to a Final Table for WSOP Glory? | #428

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  1. Love the 2 part videos. Only suggestion is to try and not reveal outcome in your titles! Would be nice to keep it a surprise. Thanks for your continued content! 🙏

  2. Great job! You played great! Bounty’s worked out nice too! You will win a Big one I’ll put my money on you! Keep at it! Gotta loose to learn! Hats off Brother! Good Luck on your next one!👊💥🤩👌👍

  3. Calling an all in with 10 9 was definitely a bad play. You could have waited for a better spot. Nice score though.

  4. It actually went eya better then you expected. You won in spots that you was dominated and should have been out way earlier. You ran well just not when it counted.

  5. Ur the best dude! I personally love the tournament videos!! Thx for the awesome content man!! 👍🙌🔥

  6. These suck outs are so funny. I just wonder some of these players reactions when they keep getting binked on😂

  7. Again, love your content and so glad to see you living the dream. I do think you’re calling too widely in some of those spots–77 and T9 specifically. Those are shoving hands not calling, especially a UTG jam.

  8. Rampage: Playing good, making the right equity calls!

    Everyone else: boy that guy is lucky

    1. @Rampage do you give personal luckbox lessons? I would pay for that training all day. lol. GG

    2. He’s playing decent enough but I would guess he’s in the top 1% of positive variance. The runouts he gets are insanely lucky. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever experienced run good like Rampage and I’ve won around 20 tournaments.

  9. I’m a fan of the 2 part video, I mainly watch these on my 30 minute lunch break, so if I see 40 minutes or even 35 I just don’t bother watching.

  10. I hit a 3 outer maybe once every couple tournaments. This dude has had 10 years of run good in 6 months.

  11. Rampage Vlog Bingo:
    “Bink City!”
    “Big pot brewing”
    “Stuck between a rock and a hard place”
    “Music to my ears”
    “Let’s freaking go!”

    What else? 🙂

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