Immediately Stack an Opponent 3 Minutes into Sitting Down | BRC Poker Vlog #16

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Immediately Stack an Opponent 3 Minutes into Sitting Down | BRC #16

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    1. @Rampage I’m always around hahahaha
      Nice Bank roll challenge videos

  1. It would be cool to see you take that 5k profit and move up stakes to higher and higher challenges

  2. I love that you gave your investors their money back, plus some. You do what makes you feel good, what you feel is ethically and morally right, and you’ll never go wrong. Keep up the sun run

  3. A rampage if you read this comment I want to apologize to you because I was rude and said you shouldn’t play poker because you punt so much a year or 2 ago. You responded to that comment back then so I just want to apologize to you because you’re winning and what the F do I know. I still subscribe to your channel and watch all of your videos and I still feel that you punt Way too often but I’m very glad to see you winning.

  4. I have been subbed to u since under 300 subs. Glad to see how you have grown your channel and brand but i believe you should be much bigger on youtube. C’mon guys like and share this mans content lets get him up to a million subs in the next year. Happy Holidays to all

  5. Great stats to see. Took 40+hours over 6 months to clear $5,600+. The stat of $137 per hour is deceiving without the other timeline stats. I appreciate your thoroughness, and your narration. Thank you!

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