I’m Ready to GAMBLE for $20,000! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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I’m Ready to GAMBLE for $20,000! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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  1. Brad looking like he took a quick break from his shift at Olive Garden

  2. You’ve already came a long way this year keep up the great work hope to see more from you

  3. There’s been ALOT of Rampage HATE lately, don’t fold under pressure.. keep ya head up Ethan

  4. I love it when he picked the five of hearts 😂😅 ! Got even 😊!

    1. Hey ​@@RampagePokerbeen waiting for your next video!!! It’s been 48 years now 😊😊😊

  5. Rampage is like an actor. In any given hand, he could play one of two roles. Winner or Loser.
    Ramps plays both parts with class!

  6. You’re a “smoooooth” drunk!!! You had a buzz on the “outro”? I couldn’t tell. 💪👍😎

  7. Keep rockin Ethan, respect you and your giant cojones !!! Negative comments are simply haters, ignore the bad vibes bro! 😎🤙

  8. Being aware of the fragilty of stability encourages innovation, taking risks, and living life outside the box. Ethan seems to live a dynamic yet serendipitous life of his making. His poker acumen has a semblance of his lifestyle. I think it a generous gesture for him to share some of his experiences (i.e. “content”).
    Quit with the negativism over his financials already. He knows where he’s at.
    Maybe show some gratitude and optimism (buy some merch if you’re really worried!).
    We are all human; hence, we are not perfect. Rampage is no exception. He is a 20 something just getting his start as a poker pro. He has many attributes and knowing that the learning curve is steep is one of them. Life is kinda like one big poker game – making decisions based on incomplete information. Live your best life and try not to be too critical of others. We all live in glass houses. Throwing stones ain’t cool. ♠️♥️♦️♣️

  9. You and Brad Owen are my favorite poker players to watch. When you two battle, I always hope for a chop.

  10. your opponent on the last hand was Vince Van Patton! Next to was Jason Somerville!

  11. Just out of interest when you enter tournaments do you do it for the prize money or the feeling of winning/ the trophy

  12. I love how you just say My opponent Dude, that’s Vince Van Patten.

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