I’m Playing For Millions On Day 5 Of Main Event!! BIGGEST Payout Ever! Must See! Poker Vlog Ep 241

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I'm Playing For Millions On Day 5 Of Main Event!! BIGGEST Payout Ever! Must See! Ep 241

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  1. Be proud of how you handled that interview boss. What you said was what anyone with a winning mentality thinks, you just said it 💪

    1. @Drex What you think is weak or not is of no importance whatsoever. Thanks for weighing in though nobody.

  2. You talking about your dad made me tear up a little, he would be proud Brad. I’m finally starting to show my dad what I’m capable of and I’m so thankful he’s sticking around long enough to see it. Congrats on the score

    1. Brad, I’m not a religious person.
      Your dad knows, and he’s super proud. That’s why you’re running so well.

    2. Same here man you can hear the emotions when he talks about it and its truly amazing

    3. Thought his dad was watching, but not for spiritual reasons. That leaves but one other “reason.”

  3. So i didn’t know the outcome, and i have to say this was probably the most enjoyable and entertaining video i ever watched on YouTube. As a Brad fan, i was nervous watching every hand! Well done Brad, your fans appreciate your play and posts and wish you continued success in the future.

    1. Steven

      Couldn’t say it any better. I didn’t know the outcome as was on the edge of my seat every hand. Could tell my the timeline it wasn’t going to be a final table but the first 40 minutes was epic. A sick way to go out but as Brad acknowledged, he caught a few breaks to get that far. A total gentleman and his interview response was exactly what was called for. 6 of 9 big entries cashed and people think he is going to do poorly. That 6 figure cash is going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

    2. I was on my toes almost every hand you played. Such a crushing feeling to loose the way you did. Skill alone without a little luck is unfortunately not enough to win tournaments. Absolutely the most entertaining episode I have seen on this vlog. Fyi: I have watched all your episodes and many of them more than once

    3. @Kumait Al Lawatiyou were on your toes? That’s a strange analogy considering it usually means you were running 😂🤦‍♂️

    4. Brad, your discipline and demeanor are a treasured mix in the game. I’ve enjoyed your light-hearted approach and the competitive flame evidenced in that interview. The bits and pieces of your life we get to see is another added dimension to the value you bring. I’m in the consensus here……it won’t be long till you are wearing that coveted jewelry and you name upon the trophy.

    5. @Brad Owen Nick Vitucci the scammer that swindle millions of dollars from people in his real estate Seminars and Con-man of Poker

  4. This is a special episode Brad. I hope you’re really proud of it. The memories of your dad strike such a strong chord. He’s definitely watching over you buddy.

    1. Proud of u Brad, been following for a long time and rlly dope to see u strive

    2. You really got me when you mentioned your dad helping you thru. I was saying. K K K K K K…on that last card. Great story. $400 short but $1M of experience gained.

  5. This is the only poker entertainment I consume. I haven’t played the game for years but I love the talk through of each play and watching Brad up his game. It’s so fun to have no idea where Brad places before watching this.

  6. Incredible video. The editing, the strategy, the story. Thanks for taking us with you on this incredible ride. Can’t wait to see what comes up next!

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁🎉

  7. Congrats on the deep run. We will all be with you when you reach that goal on the 6 figure score. Heck we will all be with you when you get your name on that trophy. You are one of the reasons that poker is still as big as it is now and I salute you for all your hard work to become the player you have become.

  8. Hey Brad, I know you called it the pinnacle of your poker career, but I believe even greater days are ahead for you! Awesome to watch this story unfold, and looking forward to seeing your name on that trophy!

    1. Agree it may be a High Point so far but it’s not the pinnacle I think that’s what he must have meant.

  9. Been watching your vlog and following you for a couple years now and it’s impressive how far you have come in that time. Wish you had won that bracelet, but don’t worry it’s coming your way soon. Can’t say “Thank You” enough for all the quality content you have provided us along your journey to poker greatness. You’re the Best!

  10. You the man Brad, I loved how you broke this up into multiple videos. You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!

  11. And that’s guys what we call an amazing youtube content, seeing the shallowness lately on this platform with people just posting anything just to get views, and here we go our man brad comes up with this thriller gathering all the poker passionates and letting us live this roller coaster experience with him, feeling happy and sad along the way coz simply we love you brad, keep up the good work and im sure load of success are coming you way, cheers man!!

  12. Great run Brad, my heart was pounding at all of those rivers, yours was probably just a few beats over normal because you always look so cool when playing GL at the tables.

  13. I teared up when KK went down in flames. You have both my condolences on that particular loss, and my Congratulations on the deep run, Brad. I’ve been watching since your 1-2/1-3 days and am so proud of your growth. I’m certain that your Dad was there, and is bragging about his son to everyone in Heaven right now.
    As the journey continues, I wish you all the best.
    I’m an American expat that lived my whole life in San Jose and Los Gatos and called Vegas my second home up until 2018. I met my wife (A dealer, of course) in 2005 at The Venetian. Make a trip to St Maarten, relax on an amazing beach, play some poker and be our guest for dinner anytime.

    1. That was awesome to watch. That last hand was tough.. the longer you waited the more I felt aces and might’ve folded there.. and then you end up making the right call..yet that’s poker. You really do need a lot of luck. You busted out on skill and made it all the way there on luck.

    2. @Patrick Barryawwweee is someone not in touch wif they fewwings. cry louder you grown man 😂

  14. Congratulations, Brad! You’ve come so far over the years, yet have remained grounded and humble. You’re like a friend I’ve never met. You’re a true ambassador for the game and give hope to those of us that will never be able to play the stakes you do. I’m so excited for you. You deserve it!

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁🎉

  15. Congrats dude, I gotta feeling your big score is still coming! The work you put in is undeniable. You’re a great ambassador for the game, and proof that hard work and dedication pays off in the long run! Keep on keeping on my dude, I love watching the journey

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁🎉

  16. Congratulations brad you nailed that interview! Always glad to see ya continuing to grow as a poker bro and a person! Look forward to the next video!

  17. I went from crying when the KK lost to laughing when he is trying to grab all of that cash with one hand while holding the camera. This episode was closer to a movie with all of the emotion and excitement. Keep rollin Brad!

    1. Me too. I hope to some day have issues with grabbing all of the stacks of 100 dollar bills.

  18. The monologue starting at 32:00 and going into Day 5 was such a powerful sequence. I rewatched it numerous times. That part where the music swells at the end was pure gold. Congrats, Brad!

    1. I did the same thing. I’m currently on a 7 buy-in downswing getting crushed left right and center, it was very helpful for me to hear this too. I replayed it numerous times…

    2. Especially the part about driving home from the casino frustrated and near tears wondering if all the time you put into poker was ever gonna be worth it. Every poker player goes through this and needs to hear it.

  19. When I started playing poker nearly 20 years ago Chris Moneymaker was the ambassador of poker. Today it’s Brad Owen. Very glad to have played a very brief session with you once. Highlight of my poker career. Best of luck my friend!

  20. Thank you for bringing up your dad in this vlog. Lost my pops too and talking about him with my friends let alone strangers is something I’ve been working on. Great video, great run, what a dad you have.

    1. 👆you won👆🎁telegram above 👆 to claim your prize🎁🎉

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