I’m ALL IN DOMINATED! Can I Win? | Poker Vlog #452

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I’m ALL IN DOMINATED! Can I Win? | Poker #452

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  1. Haven’t watched the video yet but from how we’ve all seen you run Ethan we’d assume the answer is yes.

  2. It’s a snap fold all day no question when you have ace high and your almost at the cash?? Its not even a hard decision you know that you just hate folding lol

  3. Gotta love how Rampage thinks that shoving 77 for 19bbs from BB against UTG +1 is an “easy decision”. I wonder why he is behind so often when the money is in preflop! Tough to figure out.

    1. I agree that Rampage can be spewy in general but from the BB this is a rejam.

    2. @Vlog This Poker so I can’t critique someone who has more success than I do. Got it! Any other fallacies you want to spew into chat?

  4. Am I clueless or all these 20BB+ shoves preflop with less than premium hands are definitely not good plays? If everyone is playing like that and not just Rampage it just seems like it’s all shove and pray

  5. Bro I actually screamed you have to fold on that AQs hand. I don’t even think it’s a close spot, not getting even close to direct odds to draw especially against a set or two pair, plus all the ICM you talked about.

  6. You have some serious haters, and I love to see it haha. Keep doing you Ethan, I’m here for all of the entertainment. Thanks again!

    1. I love it when he’s lucky, I always seem to call it when the bink card comes out and it’s just so funny and entertaining to watch him! Love his videos!

  7. AQs is a fold there 100% of the time. I might have folded to the flop bet even…it was about 55-60% and you’re on a draw late in a tourney. There are better spots.

  8. Your sponsor explains a lot. So many times watching your vlogs I have said, “what the hell did he do that for? Is he high or something?” Question now answered. 😂

    PS. Agree. Hi-chews are frocking awesome!

  9. I wondered when you’d show this cash. I played in this as well. Final table

  10. I’ve learned that when you chase its not yours, when things come to you you don’t have to sweat chasing them. I think you made a good decision to fold your flush that you were chasing. Never chase, let things come to you.

  11. Tough spot with AQ suited you either shoot for the win or get blinded out in tournaments. Love/hate relationship with poker. Love your videos man keep it up!

  12. Personally feel like AQ is fine to squeeze pre especially nearing bubble…but definitely a fold on turn jam

  13. At 7:15 when the dealer kicks your cards my heart dropped that’s why you have to always protect your hand and call it out

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