Iconic Poker Hand: Gus Hansen vs Daniel Negreanu $575,500 Pot on High Stakes Poker #shorts

strikes an absolute monster hand versus Daniel Negreanu on Season 2 of High Stakes , creating one of the most famous hands of perpetuity with $575,500 in the pot!

Iconic Poker Hand: vs Daniel Negreanu $575,500 Pot on High Stakes Poker #shorts

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    1. Save him from losing his stack with a straight draw on the board… being that dnegs was a heavy favorite… was..

    1. Why tf would he ever fold here😂, you’re losing to 3 hands and pocket 8s are a lot less likely due to the action

    2. @fool he probably means that dnegs has called way too much on High stakes poker (every time after flopping the nuts and getting raised on the river by people who never bluff)

  1. The subject line is correct, definitely one of the most iconic hands of all time.

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