I WON $148,910 And A WPT TITLE In AUSTRALIA! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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I WON $148,910 And A WPT TITLE In AUSTRALIA! | Rampage

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    1. But he’s such an idiot. He can’t even pronounce tournament.
      He always says “tourmanent”

  1. International poker winner..
    Amazing 1-2 player when I started watching you.
    Well deserved

  2. Wow Ethan! Been watching you since a long long time, and to see you achieving big in tournaments is truly amazing. I am a big tournament player as well, and I hope ill play a tournament with you in the foreseeable future! Congrats buddy!

  3. Love sitting down for lunch with a 40 min Rampage vlog waiting for me 😌

  4. Great job ethan. You deserve everything you have man. You clawed your way up to the top and made your name known. Respect big dawg.

    1. ​@@RampagePokerNick Vitucci the scammer that swindle millions from people in his real estate Seminars

  5. Congratulations brother and I love to see a poker player with humble beginnings, continue to play with the same attitude. I remember watching your stream when you won a WSOP event online. That was the first time I started watching your career and it has definitely taken off since.

  6. So entertaining to watch you specifically bink off tourneys like this. Congrats! You deserve all the success.

  7. I always have faith in you. I know you will do well bc you are absolutely amazing in the table. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way but if you know exactly who you are made of you will come out winning! Congratulations 🎉

  8. Hey – great job on a (much needed) win. It’s been fun watching you all this time. Congrats!

  9. BIG Congrats, Ethan. May this be the start to a MASSIVE upswing for you! 🎉

  10. @Rampage it was great to meet and play you in this tournament. You are welcome for the double up J5 vs QQs (12mins into the vlog) that was me and made the FT with 7th. Wanted to say your vlogs are one of the reasons I came back to poker after a long time away. So thank you. Well done champ! Cheers from Sydney, @lucky7poker (Kem)

    1. Way to take it like a pro. Although had you done a Hellmuth melt down that would’ve been pretty funny too.

  11. “I can film in there but I can’t film in here!” HAD ME DEAD hahahaha

  12. Hey broski I’ve been a subscriber since the Boston billiards days and you have grown so much I have seen every single video you’ve ever made and have taught me so much I usually don’t comment on videos but I want to congratulate you on your achievements! Ps; please continue to show your thinking process on folds it’s amazing!

    1. Bro what did I say to you in the comments last time you was here welcome good luck and I hope you win and look what happens mad bro I new you would win 👍🏾💪🏾✊🏾🤙🏾

    2. Winning a tourney like that do u tip the dealers at the end? If so how much

    3. 90% ICM of total prize left would of been more than your 1st place prize. you got unlucky, should of stalled/tanked

    4. Hey man I’m from Australia play online in New Zealand and I’m currently in Australia I didn’t make the wpt but I’ll be at the wsop event in Australia Queensland, Gold Coast at the star casino I hope to see you there and hopefully a heads up between us :p

  13. Followed you since the beginning and I must say I tip my hat to you Rampage.I’m a huge fan of you and Mariano.When I want to see tournament play I always come to you and when I wanna see a cash game it’s Mariano.I’m glad you guys are on YouTube showing us your skill.Keep up the great work bro.

  14. loved meeting u in gold coast bro! nice to see you bringing some sorta piece from aus back to the states! cheers for the photo !

  15. Congratulations Rampage! It’s been a while since I’ve viewed anyone’s poker content, but it’s good to see you bink this tourney. Keep crushing my friend. 😊

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