I WIN THE POKER MASTERS AND $197,600! | Poker Vlog #489

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I WIN THE POKER MASTERS AND $197,600! | #489

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  1. i am obsessed bro. love every minute of it. this is what champions are made of. congrats buddy. i hope 1 day i can go back Las Vegas and meet you.

  2. That that moment when you can’t decide what’s for lunch and you see Ethan pulls it off…got to go to Panda Express today. Can’t wait to eat lunch and watch this video

  3. It’s amazing. I know he ran well but his instincts are great and he is fearless. Well done Ethan

  4. Waited so damn long for this YEAHH!! Ethan you are an absolute pleasure to watch!

  5. Dude been watching you from the beginning. Extremely happy of the success that you have been so fortunate to have. You keep it down to earth and honest! Congrats!!!!

  6. Congrats Ethan! Genuinely appreciate your content. Please keep it going!!!!

  7. Well done, and could you please do a win loss profit at the end of the year like Brad does.

    Would be great to see the peaks, and the troughs go into being a poker pro.

  8. Been watching pretty much everyone of your videos. I’m so happy for you. Your growth as a player is incredible. Time to aim for the Poker Hall of Fame!!!!🎉😅

  9. Brotherman I am so proud of you. Thank you for keeping our hope alive that one day from playing 1/2 we can also make it to the big league. Congrats.

  10. Congrats man. You’ve been playing great lately, tourney strats are clean

  11. Congrats! Awesome to have this level of insight shared for top tier poker. Thanks for bringing us along!

  12. Great job! Putting people into high pressure situations is definitely a theme I see from your videos

  13. Awesome job Rampage. Great poker playing and a lot of luck from the Poker gods. See you in the masters some day…I am still playing local but making the final tables almost every run.

  14. Beautiful win, Ethan!!! Shout-out to PokerGO, Hanks, Jeff Platt, and the production crew. Epic story 😎 #WellDeserved

  15. amazing win ethan very well deserved hopefully we will be seeing more to come!

  16. Bravo! Congrats and what an accomplishment Ethan, on beating competition such as Dneg and winning the tournament too!🎉👍👍

  17. Been following you awhile now, shared alot of your pain and this brings a huge smile to my face. Congrats Ethan, you truly deserve this.

  18. Hell yeah, what a ride seeing this guy grind low stakes to competing in the big leagues now, almost feels like we accomplished this together with #Rampage. Thanks for your effort Ethan, so happy for you! Keep it up!

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