I WIN MY BIGGEST POT EVER! $118,810 IN THE MIDDLE! | Poker Vlog #471

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  1. Congrats on winning the Masters Tournament. Hopefully that sets you at least even for the year.

  2. Just saw you won the poker go masters high roller event way to go Ethan!!!!

  3. Congrats on over 70 grand up! Here’s hoping that level of run-good keeps running and running!

  4. It’s about time that all that roughness finally smoothed out for you…. Congratulations man you worked hard for it 👍😊💙

  5. I love the comeback in your recent 1st place win securing close to 200k! I need one like this in my life! Inspiring brother!

  6. This is inspiring as well how things can turn around for someone when you don’t give up!

  7. I have followed you from the first online tournament win.So happy for you.The haters are just jealous that they don’t have the balls to risk everything and follow their passion. I love your style and determination, most of all your attitude. I wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve.

  8. Fantastic win! Congratulations
    I’ve followed you from the start and your style is fascinating and exciting to watch. It’s why your channel is the best poker blog out there. Forget the haters. Massive respect from UK 🇬🇧

  9. glad to see you are on the upswing! Forget about those tourney buy ins. Let the run good continue!

  10. Congrats on this win and the Poker Masters!!! Also glad you got your $300 massage money from Nitucci!

  11. Well done sir! Love watching you hit your goals, that’s even Steven with the tournament losses 🙂. Looking forward to the week long Hustler series. Keep crushing it!

  12. Following you since twin River bro 😂 insane to see your growth. Congrats man, keep grinding and climbing!

  13. Congratulations Ethan – great to see you finally bink a big one on a stream. And particularly great to see you lead with gratitude – that will serve you well your whole life.

  14. Great job Ethan…..was awesome to see you take down a huge pot!!! You deserve it brotha. Keep up the grind my friend.

  15. Bro, I’ve watched you forever man. I’m so proud of you. Your game mirrors mine so much I feel like I’m playing when I watch lol. Super proud. You’re blessed. My second favorite blogger besides Brad Owen. Y’all my guys!

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