I Win $100,000+ In BEST DAY Of Poker I’ve Ever Had!!! Beating The World’s Best! Poker Vlog Ep 288

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I Win $100,000+ In BEST DAY Of Poker I've Ever Had!!! Beating The World's Best! Ep 288

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  1. Absolutely awesome job Brad… so happy to see you have this big win!!! Now let’s keep this rolling all 2024 long!!!

  2. Congratulations! Very impressive of you to do the recap table side as the emotions were so raw. I would not have been anywhere near as composed. Cant wait to see the next big result.

  3. Although I’ve never played such a huge buy-in, watching this really brings back the intensity of every large-pool tournament final table I’ve ever sat at. There’s such a specific feeling you get being there, watching each hand play out, it’s really impossible to describe. Congratudolences on the third place finish.

  4. In the 2-3 years I’ve been subbed, it’s been absolutely AWESOME to see how you’re game has developed. Have been playing a weekly game with my friends for months now and I use your videos to help me in said games!

  5. Amazing to see your progression over the years Brad. Congratulations and keep going!

  6. Grabbing that literal bag of cash at the end was sick, nice win Brad.

    1. Do you think he just stuffs it in his backpack and runs to his car? I mean wtf,im asking them to wire that because no way.even if I’m packing a gun in another state like wtf it is easier for me to run without 100k on me….

    2. @@346azul Hahaha facts! I’d be petrified that someone sees me and tries to rob me while leaving.

    3. @UziTV123  exactly that.Ive heard of people dying for less.i watch alot of The FBI Files and documentary on murderers so I know this is the kind of stuff to watch out for.

    4. ​@346azul he must have just said he wanted to hold it for the vlog. Then got a check or wire. Otherwise he is a lot dumber than I thought – even if keeping the $ in his safe deposit box at the casino

    5. @@346azul Brad doesn’t run anywhere. Fun fact he is a tenth degree blackbelt in Kyokushin, the blackness of his belt is like the inside of a buried coffin on a moonless night. Also his cat is a trained Sicario. No one is stealing Brad’s cash.

  7. Man, that was the most serious table I’ve ever seen. No fist bumps, no friendly banter, just dead…sheesh.

    1. it’s precisely why televised tournaments are so boring now — GTO bots and EU pros treating it like just another day at the office

    2. The more career winnings they have the more robotic players get, it’s sad really, makes televised games boring to watch.

    3. ​@@maksfaaoa3264Hard to exploit as well. Less tells given and it’s easier for their gears to switch. Something to notice and emulate to maximize your own E.V.

  8. Oh man I’m so excited. I remember Brad said that December was his best month yet and this happened on December 3rd. Buckle up

  9. 🎉great job Brad! I feel your pain getting it in all in with him so dominated I know how frustrating and mentally challenging that can be. You’re always so composed when you take those brutal beats. Respect!!! Awesome watching your progression. Congrats!!!

  10. Your jack 10 suited for over two decades my friends and I have had a nickname for that, the dirty Sanchez.
    We call it that because in both additions of super system, Doyle had the math done and proved that the jack 10 is the strongest connector in the deck because it’s the only connector that, when suited, can also achieve the ultimate nuts 🙂 well done sir! 🤘🏆

  11. Brad is the new, upcoming Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Hellmuth Jr. all rolled up into one. His play and analysis is next level. And on top of all that he is also the new Mike Sexton, poker’s new ambassador. Couldn’t be happier for you Brad. But maybe a few minutes of your cat chasing a laser dot would be okay too. 😂 Congrats! 🎉

  12. Congratulations Brad! You’re a great ambassador for poker, you’re gracious enough to acknowledge your success has been a group effort. Mad respect for your skills, hard work & gratitude. ✌️🍀

  13. Well played and kudos for keeping your composure while the pressure must have been vibrating through your soul.
    BIG Fan of the way you deliver your content to your fans!!!
    Always love it when i see you have posted a new video .
    Keep it up, and run like a Gawd.

  14. Hey, Mr. Owen! I just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos on and off for a long while now, and to see you go from 10,000 to 100,000 in your titles is crazy and I am super happy I got to see that journey! Additionally, with nothing but a single, short session at a home casino, and watching your videos, on a trip to Vegas, I took 120 dollars and turned it into 834 on 1/2 no limit tables at Mandalay Bay! Cheers on your lifelong progress, and I cant wait to enjoy and learn more from you in 2024!

  15. Thanks for the great content, Brad. Your commentary, analysis, and just overall upbeat personality make your videos a treat to watch!

    That comment you made about making your accounting salary in just a few hours really stuck with me, congrats on your success man.

  16. What an awesome table you were involved in. I’ve learned so much from watching your vlogs for 4 years now. You my man, make me a better player. You will definitely win it all one day, I truly believe that and look forward to watching that vlog !

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